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Responsible Service of Gambling - Mareeba Queensland

Responsible Service of Gambling - Mareeba Queensland

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The Responsible Service of Gambling 2011 by Club Training Australia was last August 8, 2011 at Queensland, Australia.

Club Training Australia is the leading Registered Training Organization (RTO) in the Queensland club and hospitality industry. Responsible Service of Gambling training is mandatory in Queensland’s gaming industry.

The Responsible Service of Gambling is a training program for people who carry out gaming duties or gaming tasks within a licensed club or licensed hotel must complete the approved RSG course, including the eligible licensee, the gaming nominee, holder of gaming employee license performing gaming duties, and any person performing gaming tasks.

It will also assist you fulfill your legal obligations when working in gambling venues in Queensland. Problem gamblers can be found in any type gambling establishments – small or large. The responsible gambling training course will give you the skills and knowledge to provide gambling services in a responsible manner at your workplace.

The Club Training Australia RSG course is nationally accredited and can be undertaken in their office or on-line. The course will teach you how to understand the nature of gambling activities in Queensland, understand the importance of creating a physical gambling environment that promotes responsible gambling, and interact with customers and the community.

It also teaches you how to provide responsible gambling information to customers, provide accurate player information to patrons, communicate with the appropriate personnel on gambling-related incidents and situations, understand the importance of maintaining customer respect and privacy, and manage financial transactions to promote responsible approaches to gambling.

Training in responsible service of gambling will give people working in the gaming industry skills to identify problem gambling and to provide intervention or information about gambling help services and counseling.

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