Costa Rica

Costa Rica emblem says – Costa Rica has a long history with online gaming. It’s a unique jurisdiction as companies can operate without a gaming license and there are no market restrictions. The key drawback is local banks won’t process transactions and it’s nearly impossible to get a simple corporate account from a local bank as they banking sector is controlled by the US. 

Costa Rica emblemWhile the Central American country of Costa Rica has been home to more than 400 online gambling companies over the years, it still does not have any specific legislation designed to deal with online gambling.

Due to the absence of legislation dealing with online gambling, the businesses and operations of Costa Rica-based gaming companies are not subject to the regulations, monitoring, and testing to which other international government’s subject their licensees. Most companies are self-regulated and in the absence of an official organization to recognize license holders, there is no betting or gaming tax.

Type of Company Entity Available for iGaming Firms:
S.A. (Sociedad Anonima) – is the equivalent of a Limited company and SRL (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada)  is the equivalent of an LLC.

Corporation Tax Rate:
Business tax legislation is based on the principle of territoriality, so that business income which has a foreign source is tax exempt. Under the tax legislation, only that proportion of business revenue earned within Costa Rica is subject to an assessment by the tax authorities.

Additional Gaming Tax Rate:
No additional taxes are applicable.

Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming Company:
There is no minimum share capital requirement, but a minimum of 25% of the issued capital must be paid upon incorporation.

Security Requirements/Indemnity for Players Deposits:

Licence Fee:

Licence Duration:

Do Local Banks Process Online Gaming Transactions:

Bandwidth Type Available:
Different bandwidths are available from a variety of suppliers but online gaming sites are blocked within the country.

Software Testing Requirements:

Reporting Requirements to the iGaming Regulators and/or Financial Regulator:

Anti-Money Laundering Policy for iGaming Firms:
No additional rules apply to iGaming firms, however, general good business practices apply to all companies.

Restrictions on Jurisdictions from which you can take Wagers:
No wagers may be taken within the borders of Costa Rica from Costa Ricans.

Contact Details of Government Department or Regulator:
No specific gaming regulator exists.

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