Chinawhite: unofficial pre-Fire and ICE Party

Chinawhite VIP drinks

Jodie Thind of Lyceum media sorted out a “pre-fire&ICE” party at Chinawhite because obviously just what the iGaming lot needed in a week that would make Amy Winehouse wince, was yet another knees-up to kick it all off.

As per usual Becky and Co took over the VIP area at the back of the bar and shared the floor with revellers of all ages, being as it was the Intertops founder’s 60th birthday and all. The birthday boy in question was having none of Becky shov ing her lens in his boat-race so she had to make do with Michael Caselli, who, as usual, was there with bells on – unbuttoning his shirt like Russell Brand at a Katy Perry concert.
Among the other notables in attendance were Mark Blandford, Adriaan Brink, Willy Griffiths, Rob Dowling and Mark Locke. The shenanigans lasted well past 2am, but that was Becky’s bale-out time given that she decided to use her loaf and not burn herself out early doors.
Becky’s exit strategy didn’t go unnoticed, though, and before she could shout ‘Taxi’ the lads from Bettingjobs were on her case making sure she got in a kosher London black cab and not one of them dodgy mini-cabs you hear horror stories about. Fair play the fellas at the employment agency, though. They may have been a pain in the arse insisting on asking all the cabbies for their official ID’s and that but you don’t want to get in the wrong Joe Baxi. Girls, remember, it’s always worth paying more for a safe ride – if you know what I mean…

Check out the Pictures and DAF award from unofficial pre-Fire and ICE Party at Chinawhite.