Online Bingo Summit & Awards After Party

Online Bingo Summit & Awards

Online Bingo Summit & Awards After Party, June 8, 2010- Maya Club

Ok, so lets be real. The Bingo Summit & Awards After Party at Maya was not the most exciting and wildest party I’ve ever been to in my life, but lets face it…it’s bingo. We’re not talking about the wild, wild west sports book characters who reside in some Caribbean island or the bizillion dollar 20-something rakeback affiliates who love VIP tables and champagne- we’re talking nice, solid English dudes who make an honest living promoting, offering or servicing a product that appeals to old ladies.

However, I will be honest and tell you that I did have a nice time at Maya and had some excellent conversations with people that I was unable to meet and catch up with at the Summit because it was far too busy. Aside from convos and business card exchanges, we did have some unexpected dancing on the dance floor, expected sexy poses with champagne bottles, lots of double fisting, and lots of people begging me to NOT take their picture for fear of winning the DAF Award.

Hats off to you, Bullet Business- I like how you encouraged attendees to go straight from the awards to Maya without any real window for dinner…we all know that eating is cheating, and this lack of nutrition makes for an extremely conducive platform for getting shitfaced! Also, Caselli was out of town, so unless the crowd drank on an empty stomach, how else could you expect anyone or anything to get out of hand?

Checkout the PICTURES and DAF Award from this Online Bingo Summit & Awards After Party.