iGaming Asia Congress - Lions Bar, MP3, D2

Rebecca Liggero Lions Bar Macau

While there were zero “official” sponsored parties for Tuesday night, it should come as no big surprise that the iGaming lot managed to find their own party. Thanks to the miracle of mobile phones, after a wine-filled dinner, they met up at Lions Bar in MGM and everyone was nuttered. Lions bar featured a live band, dancing, iGaming industry sausage, and quite a bevy of hookers. Several hours later, most of the crowd went to bed, went to the “sauna”, or went out for more pints. Of course, Becky chose to tag along with the Bodog88 trouble makers and popped in to MP3, a very cool club down the street with a stripper pole and strangely even more hookers. After playing a bunch of Chinese beer games with dice, and after a guy who will remain nameless stuffed a bottle of vodka down all our faces, it was time to carry on to late night destination D2… Becky couldn’t really report what happened there because she pulled her chute and chucked off home. She probably made the right call as I heard from my spies in the group that they hit the sack at about 7am, after having a “late night gathering” in one of their hotel rooms… sounds like someone needs a penicillin script.

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