End of Summer iGaming Social BBQ

Lyceum Media

The usual suspects with a sprinkling of randoms, like Tom Hall and Calvin Ayre (I gave him the night off). There was a good turnout, partly because it came hot on the heels of the European iGaming conference in Copenhagen which brought many here to these parts and partly because it was in swinging London – the epicenter of the universe.

The barstaff were about as quick at serving as Rafael Nadal with heatstroke but they did hand out a few free drinks, which was a nice touch. Far from the madding crowd the expansive rooftop gardens was the perfect place to watch the madness unfold under the London skyline. Our own contributor Justina Cruickshank was also celebrating her birthday and with all the booze flowing the two birthday girls did well to avoid falling in any of the streams running through the gardens – unlike one poor young bloke, who did a Calvin and ended up getting very wet. That’ll learn him.

Check out the Pictures and DAF award from End of Summer iGaming Social BBQ sponsored by Lyceum PR.