Poster Party

EUREKA! For the first time in iGaming history, I think we just pulled off a party where the male to female ratio was close to 50:50. I don’t know about you, but no matter what happens at a party, the coveted 50:50 ratio makes the whole damn event one huge success. Aside from the favorable number of cute girls in attendance, the Poster Social was a huge success simply because it was a very enjoyable event for everyone who attended, especially those who appreciate a good old fashioned custom made cocktail. Throughout the evening guests marveled at how absolutely delicious their drinks tasted and how attentive the “certified mixologist” bartenders were, two things that Noir Bar is noted for.

The night started off with a room full of the polite and reserved, and by the end of the evening, the shyest of the bunch were dancing around the lounge, spilling drinks on unsuspecting victims (me), and dive bombing pictures until they were kicked out at 2:30am…and promptly went to the Spearmint Rhino. For those who are less including to booze their faces off and misbehave, the Wizard challenged innocent and unsuspecting victims to games of cribbage and backgammon (yes, he brought the hardware) and clearly beat them all.

Throughout the night, Noir Bar was graced with the presence of forum posters from across the online gambling space, friends of bodog, friends of Calvin, a few poker pros, and of course, the scantily clad Ayre Heads. The night would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, Covers, Flop Turn River, Gambling IQ, Oggs, Pocket Fives, and SBR Forum, so thank you for your support, we appreciate it!

For those of you who missed the celebration this time around, its too bad, but don’t you worry…the Poster Social highlights video will be coming out soon, and there is always next year!

Checkout for more Picture Gallery &  DAF award at the Noir Bar in Las Vegas.