888.com Official LAC Friday Night Party Parker McMillan

London Affiliate Conference 888.com Party at Parker McMillan 12

While the venue for this party was cool, the drinks were free, the music was good, and there were appys being passed around, there were three major problems.

1) There was a gigantic queue outside, it was cold, and the bouncer was a real a-hole. One in and one out at 11pm at an igaming conference party is not good, especially considering many people do not even finish their dinner meetings by then.

2) It took a long ass time to get a drink, I heard up to 25 minutes, which is a big no-no for our alcoholic crew.

3)The entire place was filled with MEN. Eek.

However, the 888.com guys are very hospitable, and Mark S. is an incredible party host, so I guess the message to you is, “get there fucking early”.

Check out the Pictures, Video and DAF award from the 888.com Official LAC Friday Night Party Parker McMillan.