The Malta iGaming Seminar 2011

Malta iGaming Seminar | Gaming Industry

Malta iGaming Seminar | Gaming Industry

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Gaming Conference | Malta iGaming Seminar 2011The iGaming industry will be making one of its frequent stops at the Mediterranean island of Malta for the Malta iGaming Seminar (MiGS) later this year.

Taking place at The Hilton Malta from June 9 – 10 2011, the event is organized by CSB, BMIT, The Vacancy Centre, Megabyte, GreenTube and RE/MAX Malta, meaning that there will be all the things in place should want to know more about Malta and its market.
The seminar will consist of a number of discussions related to the global iGaming industry and the issues that are currently affecting it.

The first day of the conference on the June 9 kicks off with a welcome from the MiGS host and moderator before we launch into the day’s proceedings. This is followed by a number of interviews and presentations before the first round table of the seminar on “The Ever Changing EU Regulatory Landscape” takes place.

After a break for lunch there will be a talk on how best to setup your online gaming business in Malta to maximize success before the second two round tables of the day take place. This time they will look at the “Co-operation between Jurisdictions,” and the “Future Development of the EU iGaming Industry.”

The evening offers attendees a networking cocktail reception and then the MiGS Poker Tournament at the Hilton Portomaso Casino.

Delegates will likely be battling those hangovers on day two as a champagne welcome is again followed by a number of presentations from various sponsors. As far as round table discussions go “The Triangle of Trust” will be the first of these, looking at the relationship between the gamer, regulator, and operator.

The final discussion will be entitled “Why Bet on Malta” before “Sunset Chill” the MiGS 2011 official pool party gets underway at the Hilton Merkanti Beach Club in mid-afternoon.

For any still on their feet there is a burgeoning club scene in Malta that will cater for the tastes of even the most seasoned of gaming conference drinkers.

So if gaming, discussion, networking, and drinkin’ in the sun of the Med is your bag, get yourself over to Malta for MiGS 2011.

MiGS 2011 - Gaming Conference