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international casino conference - ICE Totally Gaming

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Any conference that decides to use the centre of the iGaming universe, London, as its venue is sure to go off with the parties and general shenanigans you associate with such an event. Clarion events are no stranger to a drink or 20, so their decision to site the ICE International Casino Conference at London’s Earls Court exhibition centre is quite the inspired one.

Supported and planned by the European Casino Association, the bash takes place on Monday 24th January 2011, and is connected to the ICE totally gaming expo which runs from the 25th to 27th of January.

The conference itself will attempt to bring together the brightest and most influential minds that exist in the casino world, in addition to providing a forum for discussion on regulatory issues that exists as well as strategies geared towards the future of the casino industry. Lastly, it will provide opportunities for growth and innovation to be discussed amongst casino groups.

All this will be achieved through a packed day of seminars and conference speeches from esteemed members of the casino industry, going long into the dark January evening.

After a welcome address from the conference chairman, Ron Goudsmit, the obligatory Mega Debate kicks off the action. The subject matter will involve how best to harness future growth areas and will look to address the largest economic and regulatory challenges for the casino industry. The talking heads include CEO and Chairman of the Board at Olympic Entertainment, Armin Karu, Spielbank CEO, Matthias Hein, Pail Herzfeld, CEO at Casinos Austria, and Per Jaldung, Casino Cosmopol (Svenska Spel) CEO.

Following a Q&A with the participants, and a chance to meet some new faces during a networking lunch, it’s onto the afternoon, and straight into a debate on the way forward for sustainable gambling services in the EU.

Moderated by Philippe Vlaemminck, Managing Partner at Vlaemminck and Partners, representatives will be present from France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, and Hungary, as well as a European Commission spokesperson.

The next segment will be of utmost interest to the iGaming industry as it involves innovation and disruption technologies – namely internet, mobile, server-based gaming, and social media. It will look at whether they are a threat or an opportunity for reinvention for the casino industry, and how they will affect consumers.

After another break for some light refreshments, linking land-based and online casinos will be the main item on the agenda. The focus here will be on Casino Gran Madrid and a case study of their launch and online arm.

The final portion of the day looks at the European approach to entertainment driven gaming, and how this has worked at the VIAGE Entertainment Centre in Brussels.

After the close of the event at 6:00pm, there will be a party that all guests would be encouraged to attend, if only to have the chance to pick up the DAF award and even meet some of the world-renowned Ayre Heads.