iGaming Summit 2011

iGaming Summit 2011

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The iGaming Summit ‘11 on October 25th will be at the Eurobuilding Hotel in Madrid, Spain. The summit is hosted by elRecreative.com and is the leading news portal for industry news and economy (gaming sector). They provide information about companies, international and national events, poker tournaments and the most interesting gaming weblinks.

The iGaming Summit ’11 will provide an exciting multidisciplinary scenario that’ll arise in the coming months. There will be discussions about the total transformation of the gaming industry in Spain in the medium term.

The iGaming Summit ’11 is a specialized conference with an analysis of the real possibilities of the online gambling business. It has designed the program of speakers and round tables that will offer their specialized points of view on the various aspects that affect this new emerging business.

With the iGaming Summit ’11 focusing on remote gaming, the presentations will be about the games offered and their regulation in detail, the types of licenses, singular or general rights and obligations of licensees, technological bases, organization and management of games, marketing, promotion and advertising. More specifically, will describe the technological basis and the catalog of games, their sole or shared organization, management or membership itself, conflicts of interest that may arise for technology providers and operators, legal and other issues related to different business models.

Inmaculada Vela Sastre, Director-General of Gambling Regulation for the Ministry of the Economy and Finance will be opening the program and this will be her first public appearance as principal state regulator.

One of the important topics of the iGaming Summit ’11 will be the steps necessary to achieve licensing such as standardized hardware and software, legal advice, marketing, promotion and publicity.

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