Joint EL / WLA Seminar on Security and Risk Management

Joint EL | WLA Seminar on Security and Risk Management

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Lotteries are one of the most important forms of gambling in the world and Europe is a place where they are taken rather seriously. This is explains the reasoning a joint seminar between The European Lotteries Association (ELA) and World Lottery Association (WLA). Taking place at the Hilton Hotel right in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria from 15-17 June 2011, the event is hosted by Euro Football. Its prime focus will be the title “Choice and control: Innovating in an Evolving Market.”

In all there are over 30 lotteries in Europe that are certified to ISO27001 and WLA standards meaning ELA’s market is one of the strongest on the planet. The seminar will be of benefit to all these lotteries and also anyone looking to climb the rung in the industry.

In terms of attendees, the joint seminar encourages executives responsible for security, technology innovation and strategic planning to attend and in addition security managers.

Topics that the seminar will look at include risk management and control, security of retailers network and how WLA security standards work. It will also touch upon the important areas of money laundering, sports betting security and internet security and cyber criminality.

The fact that it’s in the capital city of Bulgaria also means there’s the distinct possibility that the chance to party into the dead of the night is available. Not being part of the Euro zone means they retain their own currency and that in turn means cheap booze. Party time!

So if this sounds like your cup of Irish coffee, registration is available on their site. Whether you stay for two or three night it’s sure to be worth it for the knowledge that you will gain.