Caribbean Gaming Show and Conference 2012

Carribean Gaming Show and Conference 2012

Carribean Gaming Show and Conference 2012

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For quite some time the Caribbean has been the base for many companies with gaming operations. Whether it’s Antigua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic or anywhere else for that matter, anyone entering the countries was welcomed with open arms and this was all before anyone realized that the weather was very nice indeed. The fact that the market is such an important one means that a conference in the Caribbean is not so much a possibility, as it is a certainty.

After going to Aruba in 2009, the Caribbean Gaming Show (CGS) returns for the fourth consecutive year running to Dominican Republic. Taking place on March 21-22, 2012, it’s organized by C&GS Group, with the support of Dominican Casinos Association and the Dominican Gaming Board under the Treasury Authority.

As with all gaming industry conferences, there will coverage of the entire event here on the tablog at If there’s anything key you missed, chances are that we remembered to write it down and there could even be video coverage of the whole event. What’s certain though is that the conference parties that everyone knows and loves will be covered, meaning that your image could well appear on this here site.

The event will play host to the international gaming community as well as some of the 1000 sport books, 60 casinos, increasing lottery industry and other services that call this region home.

CGS 2010 also sees a number of round tables taking place, discussing the important issues that are connected to gambling in the Caribbean and what the future may hold. In 2010 these included Ms. Sofia Estevez, Puerto Rico Tourism Company Chairman and Mr. David R. Oliver, Gaming Board Director, Virgin Islands. For 2011 the presence of lotteries and specialized online companies will be included, showing where the future is likely to be for this market.

Already confirmed as sponsors for the event are Casinos de Latino America as Platinum Media Sponsor and El Diario del as the digital media sponsor. Along with coverage here on the tablog it will be one event in the Caribbean that you don’t want to miss, if only to get a free suntan whilst everyone else is pale skinned.