Why is BSV better than other Coins for gambling

Your gambling site of choice likely offers several deposit and withdrawal options, each of them with their own pros and cons. Some are faster than others, some have lower fees, and others are more reliable.

why-is-bsv-better-than-other-coins-for-gamblingMany gambling sites are now turning to digital currencies to improve their offering. But while so many don’t rise up to the promises they make and don’t offer anything better than traditional options, Bitcoin SV (BSV) provides nothing but advantages:

Bitcoin SV has the lowest fees

BSV has been designed with micropayments in mind, meaning that it should allow users to make purchases for less than a dollar without having to pay high fees. That same design means you can make deposits and withdrawals to your favorite gambling site and only see fees of pennies or less.

Compare that with popular digital currency alternatives, like BTC or Ethereum, and you’ll start to understand how stark the difference can be. As their networks are frequently congested, users are forced to put up high fees if they hope to see their transaction processed in a reasonable time.

Fee data provided by bitinfocharts.com on 6/17/2020

Bitcoin SV is faster

Bitcoin was always meant to work fast so that it could one day replace other payment options like credit cards. BSV has followed that design principle by emphasizing speed, guaranteeing your deposit will reach the gambling site in seconds, and your withdrawal gets back to you just as fast.

It does this by having larger block sizes. With unlimited scaling blocks, Bitcoin SV can handle as many transactions in a block as it needs to.

Meanwhile on competing digital currencies, limited block sizes means that even a moderate level of traffic on the network can cause severe delays. If your transaction doesn’t get into the next block, it sits waiting in a queue, and that game that you wanted to bet on this afternoon becomes a lost cause when your transaction could take hours to process.

why-is-bsv-better-than-other-coins-for-gamblingAverage transactions per second processed on May 13, 2020. Data provided by blockchair.com

Bitcoin SV is safer

The businesses that have adopted BSV all follow the same principle: that Bitcoin must follow the laws and regulation of the land, because that keeps everyone safer. That philosophy, combined with the traceability of the Bitcoin blockchain, guarantees that BSV users can transact with confidence.

BSV wallets and businesses all apply Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Lending principles, keeping them adherent to the same laws and regulations that banks and gambling businesses also follow.

How is Bitcoin SV cheaper, faster and safer?

By following Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for a massively scaling public blockchain, and committing to a stable Bitcoin protocol, BSV achieves everything you would want in a transaction method.

BSV is faster than any other option thanks to its massive block sizes. BSV blocks are not limited in size, allowing more transactions per block. That means your transaction doesn’t sit in a queue waiting for a Bitcoin miner to eventually include it in his block. Your transactions are always going to be fast with BSV.

And because there is no congestion on the network, there’s never any reason for high fees. The high fees of the BTC and Ethereum networks are due to their limited blocksizes, and high fees become the incentive for miners to process your transaction faster than someone elses. Without small, congested blocks, you get your transaction processed as fast as you can send it, even if your fee is incredibly small.

Finally, due to BSV’s commitment to follow laws and regulations, which all Bitcoin SV businesses subscribe to, you know you’re using a method that isn’t shared by criminals, and likely to be seized. And thanks to the BSV development communities commitment to a stable protocol, businesses won’t suddenly have problems using it because they missed an updated, meaning you can count on it being reliable.