How can I earn Bitcoin online?

The Bitcoin SV economy has been uniquely established to reward individual users for their contributions to the internet. Whereas traditional video platforms or social media generate income off of advertising, and contributors get their small cut if they can generate a decent audience, Bitcoin SV’s ability to conduct micropayments has flipped that model on its head by allowing everyone to get their cut of the action.

On any of these new Bitcoin driven sites, every contribution you make has a chance to earn you income. Every video or post you make is tied to your wallet. When other users watch your videos or like your posts, you instantly get a financial reward, making the entire experience worth your time in every way. This can be a great way to show off your gambling knowledge and make a few bucks in the process.

Two great examples of this can be found in Streamanity and Twetch:


If you have great video content, but the advertising model of a platform like YouTube just won’t work for you, Streamanity is a fantastic solution. Videos can be monetized for any price you’d like to set, and users pay you directly for exactly how long they watch the video. The site has a fantastic system of gifting users a little BSV to get them started watching videos, and if they like your content, they’ll have to pony up more to keep watching.

If you need to advertise a little bit to get users watching, you always have the option to sponsor videos, making them free to watch for as many users as you’d like to pay for. But once you have a healthy audience coming back to watch new content, you’ll be earning all the BSV you need to go pay for other things.

If you really know your gambling, this can be a great way to make a few extra bucks off your knowledge. Gambling tipsters in the past have used 1-900 numbers to share their picks of the week; you could similarly offer your best gambling advice on Streamanity, charging users based on how many seconds of your content they watch.


One of the biggest problems with social media are the trolls, and Twetch has found a great way to make them irrelevant. Similar in design to Twitter, Twetch forces users to pay for every post they create, but then rewards you for every reply and like your post gets, and every follower you gain.

All posts are free to read of course, but the economic model created by Twetch means that if you’ve got a knack for starting conversations on a social media platform, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for it. And because the trolls must pay a price to comment on your content, you’ll be rewarded even someone of a different mindset wants to ridicule your content.

That’s just two of the ways you can earn money on BSV as an every day user. There are hundreds of other ways you can easily earn Bitcoin SV online, ranging from investments, to performing small jobs to, of course, playing some games and hitting it big.