How does Bitcoin improve AI and Big Data?

Three of the biggest innovations coming to the gambling industry are blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. But to get the best of them, they need to all be applied together. And the best way to do that is with Bitcoin SV as your blockchain.

A good blockchain has many positives for a gambling operation, ranging from reduced costs to provably fair gambling. But as it turns out, it’s just about the best Big Data solution you can find for AI.

The AI solutions of tomorrow don’t just start off doing what you need it to do; it needs to learn first. Machine learning teaches it all of the potential scenarios it needs to help improve your business, and the best way to teach it is to throw as much data as possible at it. Experts say the best way to do that is to feed the AI the broadest, most heterogenous data possible. When done right, AI could help identify how to develop better games, how to stop gambling problems before they start, and help improve your operation in all sorts of undiscovered ways.

A blockchain might be the only way to do that reliably. With an immutable, completely secure collection of data, AI learns from incorruptible data sets, removing fear that hacked or incorrect records could lead the AI to pick up the wrong lessons.

Bitcoin SV then, as the only blockchain to massively scale to the demands of enterprise usage, offers up a collection of data that surpasses any private blockchain offering, and has no competitor from other public blockchains due to their failure to scale.

As more gambling companies adopt Bitcoin SV due to its inherent advantages, the BSV blockchain will populate with user transactions and gambling data. As that data set grows, it will become the best resource available for a company looking to train its AI through machine learning. Operators insisting on sticking to bought data sets will be working in a bubble, while the BSV gambling industry will surge ahead with better technology.