How can Casinos benefit by adopting Bitcoin SV?


how-can-casinos-benefit-by-adopting-bitcoin-svCashless transactions are natural to online gambling, but they are increasingly making a lot of sense for brick and mortar casinos. They bring a host of new benefits and opportunities to an operation, and they can be surprisingly easy to implement.

How can a casino start using Bitcoin SV

Thanks to innovations from companies like BitBoss, Bitcoin SV can become a huge part of a casino’s payment systems with a cost-effective hardware plugin. The Bridge platform that the company is developing allows a casino to install a piece of $100 hardware into any electronic machine, such as slot games or video poker, and quickly convert it into a device that conducts Bitcoin SV transactions.

Using the same hardware that connects the machine to the house’s datacenter at the backend, this technology credits or debits a user’s BSV wallet for every wager.

If your casino operation is looking to get started, we recommend checking out BitBoss, or any of the other Bitcoin SV developers who may be able to help you with this goal.

How does Bitcoin SV reduce costs for the casino?

The cost savings add up very quickly. There is the immediate benefit of no longer having to resupply machines with ticket paper, which will add up over time. Then, as the cashiers at the cage are less frequented by customers, employees can be put to better use at other places in the casino. And there’s no additional load places on the casino’s datacenter, as their transactions are being written separately to the BSV blockchain.

What are the added benefits of Bitcoin SV casino system?

Just as with online gambling, as every wager gets written to the blockchain, regulators gain additional visibility into a casino’s operations as they can monitor wagers nearly instantly. That makes regulation a much easier, hassle free experience.

But perhaps the biggest benefit to the operation is the new retention capabilities they gain. As all customers are interacting with their machines through their phones now, the casino gains access to a new way of marketing to their player base. While the casino is in the customer, perhaps they’re receiving notifications of which games they should try next. When they go home, they could receive updates on when a jackpot looks ready to hit, or receive some promotional tokens to come back and play.

And if the jurisdiction allows it, maybe the customer can get the same games they love at the physical casino on their phone to play anywhere. Now the casino can gain the benefits of not only drawing back customers to their location more often, but in providing them entertainment 24/7.