How to do technical testing and certify Bitcoin SV games


how-to-do-technical-testing-and-certify-bitcoin-sv-gamesWhen completing a new game, manufacturers will take their product to a testing lab to have the game authenticated for fairness, randomness and regulatory compliance. 

As the regulatory environment is just opening for bitcoin and blockchain-based casino games, there is no set standard for how and under what criteria will certifications issued. 

As of this writing, there are currently no jurisdictions requiring blockchain testing, but the UKGC’s remote gambling and technical software standards, section 7Aa, state that the RNG seed and algorithm cannot be visible. 

The current crop of blockchain RNGs fails in this regard, as one of the many features of a blockchain-based RNG is the ability for players to self-verify the public record of the fairness of the game. 

Said one testing lab, “I can tell you that there is no difference in testing. 

Everything is reviewed against the technical standards in each jurisdiction regarding whether the platform, games, RNG, etc. conform. So, if it has a blockchain component, we would see whether that complies, there is no special treatment.

FYI, we have had customers try and build an RNG based on the blockchain, but that fails in quite a few areas specific to most jurisdictions’ RNG regulations. 

Most RNG requirements require that the RNG’s previous results cannot be accessed and that it needs to be cryptographically secure, both areas that fail with a Blockchain RNG. The people that wanted to build a blockchain RNG was to make sure that people could see the previous results to determine that the RNG is fair on their own, but this open blockchain format fails this point.”

There is a group in the process of fulfiling the requirements for a public and auditable trail while satisfying the needs of testing/certification labs and the most important regulators. 

The RNG created with Bitcoin SV will only make public the result of the seed used for the shuffle, deal or spin once there is no future result dependant on any other result.

More information will come out on certification for Bitcoin SV RNGs and Casino games. If you’re interested in licencing a Bitcoin SV RNG or building one yourself, please consult our resource section to contact a company that can help.