Becky’s Affiliated: 8 COVID-friendly New Year’s resolutions

2021 New Year's Resolution

Here we are, New Year’s Eve, the night we’ve all been waiting for so we can get 2020 over and done with. While we still have a long battle ahead with COVID, we are making a lot of progress as a planet and the future is most certainly looking brighter. As we get ready to welcome 2021 with open arms, here are eight COVID-friendly New Year’s resolutions for you to consider, each one designed to bring a bit more happiness and wellbeing into your life.

Drink less…or not at all

Alcohol does not provide any benefits to our health and wellbeing, yet so many of us choose to drink copious amounts of it. In a time when our health and wellbeing is of upmost importance, consider drinking less (or not at all!) to give your immune system a boost, improve your sleep, shed some LBS, remove some years from your physical appearance, save some money and improve your state of mind. For more on all of this, please tune into our next CA Long Con on January 4th with Lee Davy of 1000 Days Sober, an inspiring conversation on sobriety you won’t want to miss.

Sign up for online yoga classes

Along the same vein of improving your state of mind, yoga has been my mindfulness savoir this year, a habit I picked up during the summer. As a die-hard runner, I used to turn my nose up at the idea of a chilled-out yoga class, but now I see how practicing yoga actually improves my running performance while also improving my state of mind. At the time of writing, gyms and yoga studios are closed in the London area where I reside, but anyone can practice yoga online – anytime – with 1 hour classes running from £5 apiece to completely free of charge.

Take up foreign language lessons online

Learning a new language is such an amazing way to exercise our brains in a different manner than our work does- kind of like “cross training” for the brain. I cannot tell you how good it feels once you hit a point where you can have a conversation with a native in the language you’re learning, one of those precious “feel-good” moments we all crave these days. Try finding a tutor online, a native who perhaps lives in the country where your chosen language is spoken. I meet with my Sicilian tutor every week for an hour and cherish our conversations and laughs, especially in a time when I’m unable to travel to Sicily.

Enroll in a Bitcoin SV Academy introductory course

Staying on top of the latest technology is something all of us should be doing all the time, but here’s a more achievable goal in the New Year for you to consider. Bitcoin and blockchain technology, in particular BitcoinSV technology, is going to change the way we do everything. Commit yourself to singing up for a complimentary BSV introductory course at the Bitcoin SV Academy and get ahead of your competition. My father always told me education is one of our greatest assets – its something that no one can ever take away from us – so please take advantage of this special (perhaps even life-changing!) educational opportunity.

Call a loved one on a regular basis

This one sounds so very simple, but its benefits will pay off one more than you can imagine. Talking with someone you love on a regular basis, especially someone who you might not be able to see during a time of COVID (or for whatever reason), will boost your happiness and theirs a hundredfold. Try committing to at least once a week- even if it’s just a text message exchange- or if you’re able to stomach another Zoom or FaceTime call, even better.

Do some form of cardio every day 

As mentioned earlier, I’m a die-hard runner, but I know that most people are not. With gyms opening and closing due to COVID, it can be difficult to motivate for exercise, especially when the weather is not so great. Try committing to a short (30 minute?) walk, run, or bike ride every day, something to get the blood flowing and mind cleared. If you’re short on time, perhaps try calling a loved one during your exercise period to kill two birds with one stone.

Watch less of the news, or tune out completely

I know its hard. So many people are addicted to the news, especially when the news is bad…bad news is what the news outlets tend to report on because it increases views and sells ads. Stay away from the news!! If you absolutely must watch the news, create limits for yourself and I would advise avoiding the news first thing in the morning as the inevitable negativity will ruin your mindset for the rest of the day. Try yoga, cardio or maybe even meditating first thing instead.

Plan your next vacation

I know what you’re thinking…how can we possibly plan for a vacation when everything is still so uncertain with travel and COVID? Shift your thinking to focusing on what you want vs. what you cannot have. Practice a way of thinking in which you visualize what you want as if its already available to you. When you start doing this, your whole way of being will become more positive, you will feel happier and what you want will manifest itself in your life eventually. Start researching for that trip of your dreams and before you know it, you’ll be on your way…