Dressing for success while working from home

A girl dressed red, working from home

A girl dressed red, working from homeThe shift to remote work came rather suddenly for many in 2020, and figuring out what to wear while working remotely may have been the last thing many thought about. It’s easy to default to working in sweatpants or pajamas, but putting some thought into what you wear could boost your productivity, and improve your mood.

The gambling industry comes with a wide array of dress codes, depending on what part of the industry you belong to. While many may have gotten used to stricter dress codes in swanky London offices, others may have been in call center settings, and grown used to seeing others show up to work dressed as if they never left bed. Before anything else, dress for the job you have. If you’re expected to be on sales calls for a portion of the day, maybe you can skip the dress pants, but at least wear a nice shirt.

Beyond that, we can start to take advantage of not being in an office. Wear comfortable clothing that suits your space. Rather than wearing those long pants, you could wear shorts or sweatpants. Maybe go for a tasteful t-shirt rather than the collared option.

These are all great ways to take advantage of being at home and not having a constant audience. But there are downsides to prioritizing comfort.

There’s an important mental shift that takes place when you change clothes, and having a dedicated wardrobe for work vs. rest plays into that. Even if those sweatpants are the most comfortable thing you own, they may put you in a subconscious mood that relaxes you, rather than motivating you for the task at hand.

If you are on calls for a portion of the day, keep that in mind when choosing what you wear. The last thing you want to do is be late for a call because you had to go change. And while some t-shirts may be acceptable, those that will distract from the call may not be welcome.

Finally, dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have. Anyone who’s seen kids play dress up and play pretend will understand that in a way, what we wear is a costume. By dressing up, we put ourselves in the mood to achieve more and impress upon others the great job we’re doing. That alone could be worth getting the starched shirts out of mothballs once in a while, because the business world isn’t stopping, even if our long commutes have.