iGaming Next: Online to offer valuable insights you can’t get anywhere else

iGaming Next Online poster

The gambling industry will be forced to consider how it can adapt and evolve over the coming years, due to changes forced by the pandemic and a shifting regulatory and technological environment. A great way to prepare for those changes is with the upcoming iGaming Next: Online – Adventure of Change.

iGaming Next Online posteriGaming Next’s flagship digital event, running from November 10-12, will discuss the future of the gambling industry, and offer a cutting-edge platform to conduct all the typical conference activities we’ve come to expect. Hosted by Alice Nordin, Betsson Group Employer Branding Specialist, and Pierre Lindh, iGaming NEXT Co-Founder, the event is expected to get over 5,000 delegates and will offer more than 60 speakers.

Each day has its own theme. Day 1 will focus on Business, and offer a broad view of how innovation is helping to shape the industry. Day 2 is Marketing Day, and focusing on how to attract and convert new players. Finally, Day 3 is HR Day, with a focus on how to get your teams working in harmony and working like a fine-tuned machine.

If you’ve attended previous iGaming Next events, or checked out their regular Power Hour’s or Podcasts, you know there’s great value here that you don’t find at other typical industry events. At their event in May, for example, we got a wide range of topics like the future of the iGaming industry, but also looks at how the pandemic was affecting us psychologically, and tips on how to be more productive.

This upcoming event looks like it will be just as good, if not better. Not only will it have pertinent gambling industry discussions, but it will also ask questions other conferences haven’t thought to, like ‘How to compete with Netflix and Amazon,’ how to succeed in remote onboarding, and of course several perspectives on our challenging and ambiguous times.

Best of all, it’s completely free to register! Checkout everything the event will have to offer, and get yourself registered so you don’t miss any of the panels, networking opportunities and great insights iGaming Next: Online – Adventure of Change will have to offer.