You are what you eat: 10 tips for healthy home eating


We all have our vices when it comes to the food groups, making healthy eating choices when you are working from home can be tough. While we may enjoy the idea of working in our pyjamas and binging on Ben & Jerry’s, working at home can require some serious self-discipline. The food choices that you make can have a serious effect on your work output.

You-are-what-you-eat-10-tips-for-healthy-home-eatingUnlike the office, there’s plenty of food available at home. You have the fridge to yourself and an endless supply of coffee options. Working within proximity of the kitchen can cause some serious damage not just to your waistline, your gym goals but also cause a downturn in productivity. A bad start to the day can force you into a vicious cycle of raiding the fridge for some comfort food.

A good day working remotely will see you get shit done, exercise and move from your desk and most importantly a balanced meal plan.

If you’re new to working from home or need some advice for improving your output, read our top tips. Once you get into the flow, working from home can be very fulfilling and productive. Here are some tips from the team to help you make the right food choices when you are working from home.

Start the day right with exercise

The bonus of working remotely is avoiding the commute to the office. The trade-off is that you’ll go straight from bed to pulling out the laptop in the study or kitchen table. Start the day right and use that time for your commute for some activity outside instead. Set the alarm an hour earlier and use the time for a walk or jog to clear your head before checking your inbox.

Don’t work near the kitchen

Avoid the proximity to the kitchen if your home situation allows for it. If the fridge is out of sight, then food and the tendency to graze should be out of mind. Snacks are a sure-fire way to add to your waistline and slow down your productivity. Stick to a regulated snack or lunchtime as if you were at the office.

Plan and schedule your snacks

The key to working from home is building routines – going for a jog, showering, wearing real clothes and eating habits. The biggest mistake that most remote workers make is grazing for snacks. Try and treat your meals as if you were at the office. Make time for breakfast, lunch and a few small breaks throughout the day. A successful meal plan begins with a good breakfast.

Limit your caffeine and soda intake

Spill the beans, have you ever given any thought to how much coffee you drink during the day? The FDA has recommended that you should not exceed 400 milligrams or 4 cups of coffee over eight hours. Caffeine will stay in your system for 5-6 hours so timing your coffee runs is everything. The morning period up until 11 am is the best time for your body to enjoy a warm cup of joe.

The soda intake is just as important as the coffee intake. Sugary drinks are the perfect way to add some serious calories to your waistline. A healthy alternative is to invest in a Soda Stream. A Soda Stream will add some fizz to any bottle of water and give you a much healthier alternative to a can of Coca-Cola.

Focus on real food

A balanced diet will make you more productive and focused while you work from the home office. Focus on covering all the food groups and when you are searching for a snack in the kitchen try and go for a healthy alternative to the cake or chocolate bar. Healthy eating comes down the good planning, and if you can take some time on the weekend to set your menu for the workweek then you’ll be starting off on the right foot. 

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water

The recommended level of water consumption is based on your height, age and gender. A CDC report in 2016 found that U.S. adults barely drink enough water. There’s nothing like a big glass of water to wake you up in the morning and to stop the hunger pains throughout the day. Have a water bottle or cup on your desk will remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day and remind you to avoid unnecessary snacks.

Portion out your meals

Controlling what’s on your plate is key to a healthy diet, and this means avoid eating from containers. It’s more difficult to control how much you are eating, if you are eating out of a bag or a food container.

Don’t buy into the junk food habit

Technology means that junk food is easily accessible with a myriad of home delivery app options. The temptation to take advantage of cheap easy meals is real when you are working in your PJ’s and sitting on the couch. Give it your best shot to keep the kitchen stocked with healthy alternatives to the Uber Eats lifestyle 

Keep up on your step count

Staying active is a key part of working from home. Remote workers will often feel a twinge of guilt when they step away from the laptop to make lunch or do the school run. Invest in a fitness app like Strava and set reminders take a break from the computer screen for a few minutes every hour. Use that time to stretch and move about the house.

Switch Off

Switching off is the hardest part of working from home. The office is always in the back of your mind. Checking the email inbox after work hours can become a nasty habit that will have some negative consequences in your home life. You must develop some hard rules around your personal space and once the day is done turn off the laptop. You need that downtime to wind down and relax for the next day.