Becky’s Affiliated: Your invite to’s Blockchain for Gambling 101 networking session at SBC Summit


If you haven’t had a chance to watch our Long Con episode with my father, Dr. Samuel H. Liggero, I sincerely hope you do as his words will change your relationship with disruptive technology. To get the full experience, I suggest watching the video vs. simply reading the article as you can literally feel his passion towards the subject and it is both inspiring and contagious.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview goes as follows: 

Typically, a disrupter comes in at the periphery of your market and then you, as the incumbent, the company that has major market share, do nothing about it. Over time, that start-up will start to eat their way into your market share, until eventually they can compete effectively with you”.

In this case, I would like to suggest the disruptor – that “start-up”- is blockchain technology and more specifically, BitcoinSV blockchain technology.

The iGaming industry once took a great interest in blockchain, with multiple sessions on the topic featured at almost all of our industry events. As time went on, our industry seemed to have lost a bit of interest in blockchain, but only because there were not any obvious ways for iGaming companies to use it, other than for payments.

Becky’’s-Blockchain-for-Gambling-101-networking-session-at-SBC-SummitNext week at SBC Barcelona Digital, iGaming companies will finally have an opportunity to learn precisely how blockchain technology can improve their business and our industry as a whole, but in a more casual, “networking” kind of setting. 

The session’s Featured Guests will be speaking a language that anyone can understand, pointing to practical examples rather than theoretical ones. There will be ample opportunity to ask specific questions, to express concerns or doubts, reveal your company’s pain points to the blockchain experts and so on. 

And here’s the best part…SBC Barcelona Digital is FREE to attend, simply register online for access. The sponsored “Blockchain for Gambling 101” networking session takes place on Tuesday, September 8th at 2pm BST via Zoom and this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss.

The networking session will be hosted by our very own Editor-in-Chief Bill Beatty, also the author of’s new “Bitcoin for Gambling” tab. This section of our site is such a handy resource – again, written in a language you can understand – on how BitcoinSV technology can be used to improve your business.

Contrary to popular opinion, the applications of blockchain for iGaming go far beyond cashless payments and reducing transaction fees, we’re talking affiliate tracking and contracts, regulatory compliance, data storage, developing games on the blockchain, the convergence of online and offline, provably fair gaming and much more.

Mr. Beatty will be joined by three outstanding Featured Guests who are highly experienced in both iGaming and blockchain technology, with a special focus on the intersection of the two industries:

Jimmy Nguyen, President of the Bitcoin Association and former iGaming lawyer, also one of the most engaging and lovable presenters I know.

Matt Dickson, Co-Founder at BitBoss Corporation, a gambling industry professional who has developed a forward-thinking platform for cashless casino payments and casino game developers in addition to launching his own blockchain-powered mobile casino with an affiliate program, all powered by BitcoinSV.

Daniel Lipshitz, Founder & CEO of Gap600, a company enabling instant Bitcoin deposits and payments, with the iGaming industry space accounting for the bulk of Gap600’s transactions.

If you are unable to attend our networking session on the 8th, will also have our very own booth at SBC Barcelona Digital and we’d be happy to talk with you about opportunities in iGaming and blockchain.

For the blockchain die-hards out there, I encourage you to visit our sister site for more technical coverage of the blockchain industry and invite you to register for the upcoming CoinGeek Live digital conference, which will feature a gambling industry track as well.

In the words of the wise Dr. Samuel H. Liggero, don’t let blockchain-powered solutions come in at the periphery and eventually compete effectively with you. Be a part of the disruption instead.