Tipsport has drastically improved its esports offering thanks to Oddin


Engaging esports odds feed and risk management provider Oddin and Tipsport have recently shared the fruitful outcome of their collaboration.

tipsport-has-drastically-improved-its-esports-offering-thanks-to-oddin“For Tipsport, the average age of a new bettor that we onboard through esports is 25 years. For all other sports, excluding MMA (which is 28 years) the average age is 33+ years“, declares Daniel Vesely, Head of Esports at Tipsport. “There is a clear value for us in attracting the younger generation through esports. Given that our esportsbook has been at least doubling each year, it was about time to elevate our offering and bring it to the next level.”

“Tipsport is a perfect example of what a traditional sportsbook can achieve within esports with a strong focus on engaging live product.” said Marek Suchar, Head of Partnerships at Oddin. “From the very beginning, they made it clear that the live betting opportunities, with a focus on uptime and number of live markets, is their core competitive advantage in all the sports they do and they aspire to achieve the same in esports. There was a clear understanding of this vision from both sides so our partnership was a no-brainer.”

“With the engaging solution from Oddin, we were able to multiply the number of live markets by 6 and increase the uptime by 47% which resulted in an increased volume of 35%“, said Mr. Vesely. “The results have actually been better than we hoped for. We were also surprised that Oddin was able to triple the portion of side market volume to 27%, as usually you see the split of 90/10 in favor of winner`s markets. There is definitely space for further engagement of esports bettors to bet on more in-game objectives. Oddin has shown us hard figures and we are confident in our long-term partnership due to their capacity to constantly innovate.”


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