Announcement from CGS 2020


Dear Colleagues of the gaming industry,

Through this release from #CGSCloud 2020 express our sincere apologies for the inconveniences presented at the time of the transmissions this morning. Technical failures in the area, added to an overload of simultaneous accesses to the platform, prevented the normal development of the program and at a certain point the Organization made the decision to reschedule the dates to deliver quality work and at the height of the prestigious Panel that joined this initiative.

annoucement-from-cgs-2020Despite all of this we are satisfied that registrations were still being received through our website while we prepared this communication. Ahead of the impossibility of guaranteeing a better transmission tomorrow, the Board has made the complicated decision to reschedule all the panels and announce through their social networks, in the coming days, the new dates of the streaming.

We will leave the registration open and free of charge as informed last week, so that the high value of information that the more than 60 programmed Speakers will offer, continues to reach all corners.

We are sure that in a few days the problems will be solved despite most of CGS team is in Lima, Peru right now, where the pandemic is living in a very algid way. These are moments of difficulty and changes, and we all have to adapt to be able to move forward.

We hope you understand and invite you to be aware of our news and reschedule.


Elizabeth Leiva Goycochea, CGS Group, LLC