Engage launches new affiliate discovery platform


Affiliate discovery platform launches for the iGaming affiliate marketing industry

engage-launches-new-affiliate-discovery-platformLondon – 22 June 2020 – Engage, the ground-breaking affiliate discovery platform has announced the launch of their new product which allows iGaming operators to identify new affiliate opportunities at scale using machine learning technology.

Engage scans websites that rank for key terms and shows which sites are affiliates, whether they are promoting an Operator on page, or on site. Engage provides contact details for affiliate sites and shows other sites that affiliates own.

Marketing departments can easily identify new affiliates and optimize their relationships with existing ones. Engage runs in the background, so if ranking sites change for specific search terms, users are alerted to new entrants.

Neil Walker at Engage said “We are delighted to introduce Engage to the iGaming industry. Imagine if you could search Google and each result clearly told you whether it was an affiliate site, if your brands were being promoted on it, and how you could contact that affiliate. Engage aims to achieve just that; it’s a very simple and easy-to-use product which our Beta clients love.”

“Finding new affiliates is one of the most time-consuming tasks in affiliate management. Engage scans the whole of the site looking for touch points like email addresses and displays a list of linked pages with contact details which can be very easily accessed.”

Benefits of using Engage:

Time Saving: Instantly identify affiliate sites for any keyword or phrase.

Proactive: Find the pages and keyword terms the affiliate site also ranks for & automatically monitor changes in the SERPs

Informative: See competitor information – what Brands the affiliate is promoting and the exposure they have across their site.

Global: Engage runs across multiple territories including UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and India.

For more information, please contact Neil Walker at [email protected] or visit www.engageam.com.

Editor’s notes:

About Engage

Engage is an affiliate discovery platform that enables operators to find affiliates at scale. Engage’s crawlers identify on-page and on-site opportunities for marketers wishing to rank for specific terms. Engage can also obtain an affiliate’s contact details in one click. Searches can be conducted across multiple territories including UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and India. New territories being added all the time