BMIT Technologies launches an innovative AI-powered customer experience tool


Malta, 3rd June 2020: Gaming operators live in a business reality of continuous change but it is evident that the whole industry is currently undergoing through a significant shift. One area that is constantly under scrutiny and focus is the quality of customer support offered by operators and the general gaming community at large. The need to strike a balance between providing top support and maximising returns has never been as relevant as now. Add to this the need for 24/7 support, across multiple languages, and the challenge is real. This is creating a growing need for gaming companies to adopt technologies which optimise efficiency while protecting profit margins and managing costs.

bmit-technologies-launches-an-innovative-ai-powered-customer-experience-toolAgainst this backdrop, BMIT Technologies has launched a new tool to offer an effective and innovative customer support tool its customers, worldwide. This tool, an AI-powered intelligent virtual agent, has been developed by EBO, and offered exclusively by BMIT Technologies for gaming companies.

The primary objective of the BMIT Technologies CX Virtual Agent is to automate the very notion of customer service. In the process however, it also improves customer onboarding, KYC (know your customer) processes, responsible gaming and marketing.

In fact, whereas builds and operates AI technology that empowers businesses by transforming the way they connect with customers, BMIT Technologies will be channelling this technology to its customers and help them unlock the endless power of Artificial Intelligence.

“At BMIT Technologies we pride ourselves in offering the best technology solutions to our customers. Our solutions are built on a resilient infrastructure and supported by the right set-up, a highly experienced team, as well as innovative thinking that helps our customers identify opportunities to enhance their business potential. We are very proud to partner with Their specialism in the world of AI, as well as commitment to excellence and innovation, is in line with our business philosophy and portfolio objectives. We’re very excited about this partnership,” said Ing. Christian Sammut, CEO of BMIT Technologies.

Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO of added “We are extremely excited about the partnership with BMIT Technologies which has established itself as a market-leader and a true catalyst of digital transformation. At EBO, we believe in technology innovation and most importantly, providing customers with the right AI solutions to help them scale quickly and sustainably. Our partnership with BMIT Technologies will help us offer advanced virtual agents to a much wider audience, starting from online gaming. The Virtual Agent will help platforms tackle traditional challenges in the iGaming sector.”

BMIT Technologies CX Virtual Agent is consultative in nature and once a company’s unique context and problems have been identified, discussed and understood, the product creates a rich data set built on conversations and dialogues with customers across all communication channels such as Webchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

The product offers continuous improvement every week, improving both the language model in terms of recognition as well as the dialog workflows whilst scaling up and down based on growing or diminishing demand. Supporting over 80 languages, the CX Virtual Agent can cross-sell, upsell, detect churn and act accordingly whilst retaining the capability to handover to humans at any point.

But perhaps the most important aspect of the product is its data and analytics capabilities which are set to provide businesses with the rich data they are constantly seeking to improve their products and their marketing initiatives.

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BMIT Technologies, together with EBO, will be organising a webinar to introduce this new service to the gaming community. Please visit to register.

Finally, both companies are running a brief survey about customer support – and for every reply, they are donating 100 face masks to the Red Cross in Malta. Visit this link for survey: