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Do you know of a gambling company, app or event that we haven’t covered? A gambling executive who’s an innovator or someone who has a fascinating story to tell? Or do you have some extra insight into the current landscape of the gambling industry in your jurisdiction?

pitch-to-usIf so, we want to hear from you.

CalvinAyre.com accepts story pitches from readers and those working in the gambling industry. We hope it to grow our global network of contributor. We want to offer a fair perspective from people living the new or creating the headlines in the gambling industry. We want you to have a voice on CalvinAyre.com.

Before submitting your pitch, please familiarize yourself the CalvinAyre.com rules of engagement and no go zone.

1. We will consider all pitches from people who have firsthand knowledge of the gambling industry.
2. Please have your pitch approved before sending the final draft as unsolicited submissions will not be opened.
3. Strong opinions and ideas, or unique insights into the gambling industry work best.
4. We don’t accept advertorials or articles written like a sales letter.
5. We do publish B2B press releases and you can send your releases to [email protected]
6. When you pitch your idea, please include a brief bio and social media links so that interest readers can reach out to you.

When you send your pitch, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Not sure how to write a story pitch? Here are a few points to remember.

– Package it nicely, don’t over sell it as we might think you want to send a press release and as mention above, we have place for those
– Include a potential headline.
– Explain why the story would be important to the gambling industry
– Give us a timeline. Once we approve your idea, how long before we can see the first draft?
– Keep it simple and to the point.

Ok now that you’re ready, send us your pitch to [email protected]

Thank you.

Bill Beatty