Becky’s Affiliated: 2020 brings opportunities in the Brazilian iGaming market

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iGaming operators, affiliates and sports betting businesses have had their eyes on Brazil for years and the market is finally on the brink of explosion. Just last month, Clarion put on two back-to-back events in São Paulo, OGS Brazil and the São Paulo Affiliate Conference, both dedicated to the iGaming and sports betting markets. In partnership with Clarion, Alessandro Valente, Co-Founder of Super Afiliados and iGaming Specialist in Latam, took an active role in putting these events together and encouraging interested parties to attend.

Valente, a Brazilian native, has a great passion for facilitating the expansion of businesses – especially affiliates – into the promising Brazilian iGaming market. He believes 2020 will be a big year for Brazil and after attending both events in December, recapped the efforts the regulators are making to move things along as quickly as possible for the sports betting market and beyond.

“We had a very important conversation in Brazil around regulators doing a little bit of work now, trying to push things forward for 2020, hopefully we will see some movements in January or February”, he said.

“It’s a very good and very important time now for Brazil to pick up what is missing which is important for the country, the economy and we need to address that as soon as possible”, Valente added.

The São Paulo Affiliate Conference represented the first ever affiliate conference dedicated to the Brazilian market and according to Valente, it will not be the last.

“It is the right time, Brazil has been opening its doors to new operators and affiliates are eager to learn more about how to diversify their businesses in Brazil”, he explained.

“Right now you have the likes of affiliates promoting different kinds of products or informational eBooks or stuff like that and now they are looking into diversifying a little bit more and gambling is a great industry. We all know [affiliate marketing] has been a great business here in Europe, so eventually Brazil will come to this stage”, he said.

“Super Afiliados and Clarion, we organized the whole thing together and we’re going to be doing this for the next four or five years together. ‘iGB São Paulo Affiliate Conference’ its going to be called”, Valente confirmed.

Everything from experienced iGaming affiliates who want enter the Brazilian market to Brazilian affiliates who want promote iGaming are eager to learn more, setting the stage for more dedicated conferences on the subject.

“Affiliates want to do it, local operators who are not yet accepting or working with affiliates, they also want to learn more about it, the likes of companies that are now sponsoring football clubs or championships and they don’t even know how to operate with affiliates. This is now going to move into what we understand to be the right direction”, Valente shared.

In addition to regulatory advancements and further education on affiliate marketing opportunities, 2020 promises to bring more activity in Brazil from a gambling industry perspective.

“We will probably see more football clubs being sponsored by betting brands and interesting deals going on in affiliation as well and performance marketing”, predicted Valente.

“There are several media companies in Brazil now looking into a new way of working with our industry, so instead of just applying traditional methodologies of marketing, they are looking more specifically into performance-based deals”, he said.

“So, yes, we are seeing an evolution of the marketing in Brazil which is going to be very important and also new operators coming, so there are a lot of people interested now in the region and Brazil, it’s a promising land”, he added.

As we enter 2020, Super Afiliados itself has plans to help educate affiliates in Brazil on how to promote iGaming and offers opportunities for existing iGaming affiliates as well.

“As of now, we’re planning to launch workshops, we’re planning to launch a mentoring process, to actually teach affiliates how to integrate themselves into this industry, so we have a few plans into that”, Valente confirmed.

“There are also some opportunities for sub-affiliates to join Super Afiliados and be part of the whole gaming industry, contributing as a whole. We are looking into so many different aspects of the marketing mainly based on performance, so we really want to be part of it”, he said.

“That’s why we are trying to be pioneers on affiliation together with the guys of Clarion, to really build something very important and a long-term solution for the industry there”, Valente added.


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