SiGMA 19 gets a FashionTV makeover

SiGMA 19 gets a FashionTV makeover

FashionTV Gaming Group set to glam up the online industry once again

Hosting SiGMA 2019 closing night

SiGMA 19 gets a FashionTV makeoverMalta- November 20, 2019 – FashionTV Gaming Group will be attending SiGMA 2019 in Malta, demonstrating the way software providers and operators are able to create and manage FashionTV branded products via the group’s innovative sublicensing agreement.

Known for always doing things differently, FashionTV Gaming Group is poised and set to dazzle and entertain delegates with a number of glamorous events and an invitation to attend a once in a lifetime FashionTV party.

Located at Booth P9, the Group will be hosting FashionTV model shows on the diamond catwalk regularly throughout the day, various networking prospects, as well as the opportunity to learn more about this exciting business opportunity.

The event will culminate with an extraordinary FashionTV party marking SiGMA’s official closing night at Malta’s premier Sky Club on Friday November 29th.

This FashionTV extravaganza is set to welcome 3,000 delegates, celebrities, models, dancers, actors and FashionTV personalities and will offer guests the opportunity to experience the FashionTV high life first-hand.

You can watch a video of life inside the glamorous world of the FashionTV Gaming Group here.

This formidable schedule of events provides a taste of the FashionTV glamour that has been popularly enjoyed for decades. It also creates optimal conditions for new online gaming verticals to operate, whilst providing a study growth engine for iGaming content providers and B2C operators at significantly reduced risk.

Both FashionTV Gaming Group’s live model shows and the official FashionTV closing party will be streamed live, direct from the event, to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world on FashionTV’s TV channels as well as on social media, which is happening for the first time in Malta and will offer the unique chance of being broadcast to millions of viewers in a fabulous setting.

Today, FashionTV Gaming Group represents one of the fastest B2B companies within the industry that’s backed by global TV network giant FashionTV.

By means of an innovative business model, FashionTV Gaming Group is able to sublicense the FashionTV brand to online gaming operators and software and games developers interested in creating and managing their own FashionTV branded gaming verticals.

From branded games to B2C websites, the FashionTV brand is one that’s instantly recognised and admired by billions, and being a part of the exclusive Fashion TV Gaming World ecosystem, allows you to make use of this powerful brand to launch your next venture, whilst getting promoted across the expansive FashionTV network at no extra cost.

In addition, partners are also granted access to exclusive footage, FashionTV marketing assets and additional content that may be used to create a new generation of ground-breaking luxury branded games and sites – the FashionTV way!

About FashionTV Gaming Group:

FashionTV Gaming Group holds the global exclusive license to utilise FashionTV Brand for all online gaming activities, backed by the FashionTV giant network the Group aims to bridge the gap between the worlds of luxury fashion and events and the virtual online gaming worlds.

The company and its current leading industry partners branded online games and websites allow players to enjoy a real glamorous lifestyle while playing some of their favourite online gambling games from big-name providers.

By drawing on extensive FashionTV archives and countless storylines, FashionTV Gaming Group presents new generation of branded online gaming verticals through a series of slots, arcade, table games, sports, Lotto and more, as well as Live Casino games and Live Dealers. FashionTV branded online gaming products bring in an extra significant audience that’s there for the FashionTV experience.

And speaking of which, players and affiliates are rewarded for their participation and loyalty with exclusive prizes, FashionTV branded goods and tickets to some of the most exclusive parties around the world amongst others.

The Fashion TV Gaming Group business model includes licensing companies to utilise FashionTV brand in developing banded games or build and run FashionTV branded gaming verticals.