Why you should pay attention to micro-influencers

Why you should pay attention to micro-influencers

21 – 22 November 2019, Solaire Resort & Casino in Manila, Philippines – Influencers will always be an effective channel to help boost sales and engage audiences. The term micro-influencer has been a buzzword in the last couple of years, but let’s define who and what they are: micro-influencers have a modest following of 30,000 followers or less, but these are highly engaged audiences nonetheless. Here’s how micro-influencers may be the key to your marketing success.

Why you should pay attention to micro-influencersThey have a highly engaged and loyal audience. They are a trusted source of recommendations because these are real people who are very much devoted to their craft (fashion, fitness, food, and more!). Their followers are people who genuinely love their content, and you can bet that their following will continue to grow.

They can tell your brand’s story. And they are masters at creating great content! They can tell a story in a personal and authentic way that will resonate with audiences. Whether it’s written content or videos, micro-influencers have great storytelling abilities that will make your brand more relatable.

They are cost-effective. A sponsored post from a micro-influencer costs significantly less than that of a celebrity or someone with millions of followers. Micro-influencers could be kinder to your budget, especially if you are a small business. While they don’t have the fan base of a celebrity endorser, keep in mind that micro-influencers can still deliver quality content and they have a tight-knit group of followers who are more likely to buy your product!

You can find them by searching your own followers or using hashtags. An influencer’s opinion matter very much to their loyal followers and the best ones are those who are already fans of your brand. An influencer who already uses your products is a lot more trustworthy for customers. To find them, start with your own followers and browse your hashtags to search for people who are already promoting your product.

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