Takkaro launches new affiliate site through LadyLucks acquisition

Takkaro launches new affiliate site through LadyLucks acquisition

Takkaro launches new affiliate site through LadyLucks acquisition11 October 2019, Barcelona, Spain – Takkaro, the established affiliate marketing specialist, has acquired gaming site LadyLucks.co.uk and transformed it into an online casino guide.

LadyLucks was launched in 2011 as the first dedicated mobile casino in the UK. Founded by IGT, it was later bought by Alea in 2017.

Under Takkaro’s ownership the LadyLucks brand has now become a UK-focused online casino guide and affiliate site. It will be used to promote select casino brands and offer tutorials, game reviews, FAQs, support and advice on responsible gambling.

LadyLucks’ development will be aided by Takkaro’s long history of success, with the operator’s founders, Charles Gross and Alexandre Tomic, having launched the pioneering Casino Lemonade affiliate marketing website a decade ago.

Maxime Gross, Takkaro’s Managing Director, said: “LadyLucks is already an established and trusted brand and we have been impressed by its reach. We identified its promise as a casino guide and this acquisition makes sense both for LadyLucks and Takkaro.

“We believe that the combination of LadyLucks’ prominence and Takkaro’s expertise and knowledge of the online casino and affiliate sector will create a fantastic experience for players.

“We care about our players and so LadyLucks will also include a section on responsible gaming where we offer tips that will help players maximise their overall gaming experience while helping them to avoid the dangers of developing a gambling addiction.”

Earlier this year, Takkaro unveiled a unique online casino comparison website, FeedBACKcasino.com.

Founded on a “find and compare” principle, FeedBACKcasino.com allows visitors to identify preferred online casinos by applying different filters, such as payment methods, software and types of games – and comparing them side-by-side at the same time.

“This has been an exciting year for Takkaro,” Gross said. “Following the successful launch of FeedBACKcasino we will now look to make progress with LadyLucks as we reach out to a new audience.”

About LadyLucks.co.uk

LadyLucks was created out of a strong passion to become a trusted and informative platform for the online casino player community. Formerly a leading online casino brand it was acquired by Takkaro Media SL in 2019 and transformed into an online casino guide. It offers players the latest news including industry developments, fun facts, promotions and bonuses, FAQs, and advice on game developers.

LadyLucks’ mission is to provide the best possible gaming experience for players –-including expanding LadyLucks to desktop as well as mobile and focusing on offering a wide selection of great games, amazing customer support, innovative products and the best playing experience out there.