Becky’s Affiliated: A discussion with Calvin Ayre on today’s BSV landscape


With CoinGeek Toronto just around the corner, I wanted to sit down with our Founder, Calvin Ayre, to get his thoughts on some of the latest topics surrounding the Bitcoin SV ecosystem and why our readers should consider joining him at the conference. 

Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto

Since the creator of Bitcoin, “Satoshi Nakamoto,” revealed his technology to the world in January 2009, the question of who is behind the pseudonym has been a popular debate amongst crypto enthusiasts.

Earlier this year nChain’s chief scientist, Dr. Craig Wright, confirmed he is Satoshi Nakamoto, and despite some backlash from the community, Ayre has publicly stated again and again that he is 100% positive Dr. Wright is telling the truth.

“Bitcoin was invented as a direct solution to government interference and people’s ability to spend their money where they want to in the gaming industry. So Bitcoin actually comes from the gaming industry,” Ayre explained.

“Craig’s got a background in the gaming industry, I have a background in the gaming industry and one of my close personal friends from the gaming industry actually knew Craig, another Australian gentleman, when he invented Bitcoin,” he said.

“Subsequent to that, I was introduced to Craig, and Craig has demonstrated in a number of other ways so that there’s no doubt in my mind that Craig is Satoshi Nakamoto and Craig is going to be proving that in court this year,” Ayre revealed.

Going to court to stop internet trolling

When asked for more details on going to court, Ayre explained that in an effort to squash endless digital trolling, both himself and Wright have engaged the same law firm to assist in obtaining relief and helping to set the facts straight.

“Essentially what [the trolls] are trying to do is defraud Craig of his own legacy and defraud the rest of the planet of the truth about the true power of original Bitcoin which is now, today, BSV,” Ayre said.

Craig is forced to go to court right now to basically stop the other side from lying. Craig is more than happy to defend his technology and that’s where the conversation should be, but these attacks on Craig because he’s overweight or because he’s a fraud of some sort, that his university degrees aren’t true- that’s just not true. That’s just not real,” he explained.

“And no amount of attacking Craig for these crazy arguments is going to make their technology work. So these people that are conflicted and have interests in other technical platforms, that are threatened by the power of real Bitcoin SV, what they need to do instead of wasting their time unlawfully attacking Craig, is go back and fix their stuff,” Ayre added.

Scale it and they will come

While there are plenty of opinions flying around Wright’s reveal of his true identity, no one can deny Bitcoin SV’s unique ability to scale massively which has been achieved in a relatively short period of time.

“It’s absolutely true. I’m a business owner and entrepreneur, and I know for a fact that I would not invest in a platform for an application development if I didn’t know it could already handle the volume that I anticipate from the success of my project. And that’s just business 101 and that applies to the gaming industry and it applies to all industries,” Ayre explained.

“In just a few months we’ve got a platform that can regularly mine 128 MB blocks and if you look at the other platforms, BCH ABC’s largest block is 4.5MB, BTC Segwit is 2.5MB and Litecoin is 1.5MB and original Bitcoin, BSV, is regularly doing 128. We think by the middle of the year it will be 500MB and between 1 and 2GB blocks by the end of the year,” he revealed.

“So I don’t know what these other platforms are going to do, but to me, instead of attacking Craig, they should focus on figuring out on how to make their technology work because right now, none of them work,” Ayre added.

Big blocks: Why should we care?

While mining several 128MB blocks on the BSV chain is big news for crypto enthusiasts, the average person out there may not understand the significance.

“Everybody’s looking at it from a different perspective, but scaling solves all problems. It doesn’t matter where you are,” said Ayre.

“Scaling removes the incentive for forking, so the technology is not going to fork anymore, scaling allows the transaction volume that will create the financial incentive for miners to continue to mine which creates the security on the network, so the security is enhanced by the scaling,” he said.

“Scaling gives the confidence to enterprise and start-up development to aim their application development at that network which is going to stimulate the transaction volume that’s necessary to attract the security and at the end of the day, just like there’s no need to be two internets, there will only be one platform. And that platform has to, by definition, be the one that scales,” he added.

“So all these business models that you can dream of, that could possibly be done with frictionless micro-transactions on the internet can only be done on BSV and I think that everyone should applaud that, its going to make our lives better,” he said.

Focus on utility, not price

Despite being around for 10 years now, plenty of people are still fixated on the price of Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies) and they often mistake a higher price for a superior technology.

“The prices of tokens out there today are artificial. They are not real. Fundamental, long-term value of a token is created by utility and utility only. All this other fluff, promotional fluff that’s out there, or FUD, to me they’re a bunch of Ponzi schemes, they’re trying to talk people into buying these things to make the price go up,” Ayre explained.

“Real utility, you don’t have to promote it, it goes up because it becomes in demand because it can be used for something. That’s utility and that’s BSV, the only one that’s got true, underlying utility. I think its significantly undervalued from that perspective and I tell people that if you are interested in investing, then you invest in utility, you don’t invest in price,” he added.

CoinGeek Toronto

Coming to North America for the first time, CoinGeek’s next conference will take place on May 29th-30th in Toronto, Canada, this time with a special focus on massive on-chain scaling.

“This is the third [conference] I’ve done and I’m going to be doing lots more, the next one after this of course is in Seoul in Asia, and I’m going to be doing these around the world,” Ayre confirmed.

“We originally started them to talk about different aspects of platform and it dawned on us that what we really needed to talk about is scaling because that’s the one area where people that are supporting these other technologies that don’t work are very confused,” he said.

“Craig said [Bitcoin] would scale, Bitcoin was born an adult and now he’s got control of Bitcoin again and he’s proving that he was right and I think that’s pretty much the end of the story,” he added.