Dench debuts in UK with deal

Dench debuts in UK with deal

Dench eGaming Solutions, a turnkey gaming platform supplier to the iGaming industry announced today that it is the main driver behind the revamp of the 138 brand in UK.

Dench debuts in UK with dealThe deal represents a full operational migration of 138 brands to the Dench Core platform. Both companies are determined to revitalize the gaming brand through the introduction of more modern and flexible technology and new features that will drive company’s distinguished player experience.

Committed to innovation and increased value, 138´s future strategy is based on delivering an innovative online experience that ensures customers return repeatedly. From a unified back office, Dench Core will provide more intuitive user management, advanced BI instruments delivering advanced analytics while considering all the regulatory requirements towards KYC and responsible gaming. The marketing tool Giselle V.2 will help 138 capture customer data in real time and structure it intelligently in more than 150 KPIs. Marketing initiatives will be organized through event-driven bonus automation scenarios and will include in house built communication tools deeply embedded in the campaign process.

Darren Howland commented: ‘We believe that the best opportunity to create a sustainable competitive advantage is through a redefinition of our core operational process and a greater focus on player relationship management. As such, we looked for a technology partner, which bridges the gap between core platform features and sophisticated campaign management tools. We needed software that allows us to share customer insights across different global teams and customize the experience down to the individual player while eliminating the overreliance on third-party providers.’

Furthermore, Howland elaborated: “I think that the associated risk of moving to newer technology is groundless. Operators must mature at a rate that is equal to the speed at which players evolve and reveal their own user insights. Dench will deliver the flexibility, speed, and control over user experience we need, in order to transform our digital plans. We feel confident after the migration and the launch and eager to see how much can grow together in the future.”

Dobromir Mitev CEO and Founder of Dench eGaming Solutions stated: ‘Our company mission is to bring forward strong and reliable technology promoting operational transparency and consolidation of key marketing processes in order to create more engaging player experiences.’

“The 138 Group is a modern-thinking company that is keen to use innovation to go beyond the current technology boundaries and surpasses customer expectations, which is actually an attitude we most value and we seek in a partner. This particular blend of simple operational processes and elegant campaign management architectures makes us the perfect choice for operators thinking differently and ready to act and move ahead of their players’’ concludes Mitev.

Dench eGaming Solutions- Dench eGaming Solutions is a B2B software provider with strict focus on the iGaming industry. We specialise in providing next generation turnkey gaming platform, white label services and most importantly deliver a real time marketing automation solution focusing on customer bonusing, rewards and engagement.