Nissi Online Casino adds horse betting

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Those who love playing the horse race betting will be thrilled to know that Nissi Online Casino is adding horse betting to its current offerings. Horse betting is joining a list of games that includes slots, baccarat, and blackjack. These virtual horse races allow individuals to play the races for real money on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Nissi Online Casino Adds Horse BettingThe Excitement of Virtual Horse Racing at Nissi Online Casino

There are currently three virtual horse betting games available at Nissi Casino. These are Dashing Derby, Horses, and Virtual Racebook 3D. All of them can be played right from the browser and do not require a software download.

Players are presented with a list of horses in a race and the posted odds for each horse. The player then chooses which horse they would like to wager on and how much money they would like to bet. Once the bet has been chosen, the player clicks to create a virtual betting slip just like the physical one given at the racetrack.

The virtual race then begins. Players can watch as the horses navigate a grass racing surface similar to the ones found in the UK and Australia. The outcome of the races are randomly determined, and winnings are paid out immediately following the conclusion of the race.

Nothing could be more realistic than horse betting at Nissi Online Casino. The graphics of the game are exceptional and authentic, right down to the roar of the crowd.

Advantages of Horse Betting at Nissi Casino

There are many advantages to horse betting online for real money at Nissi Casino. The biggest of these is that players do not have to wait for a race to begin like they would at a live racebook. The next race is always just a click away, and players can enjoy horse betting 24/7.

It is also nice that the horse betting platform allows players to make exotic wagers like trifectas. Betting on these exotic wagers can increase the player’s chance for profit. It is also possible to wager as little or as much as the player wants on individual races.

There is no handicapping required to play horse betting at Nissi Casino. Players simply choose a horse they like and make a bet. All of the same excitement is present, but there is no laboring over racing forms to pick a winner.

Nissi Online Casino wants to invite all horse bettors to create an account today. It takes only a moment to sign up, and a nice welcome bonus is waiting for players who make their first deposit.


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