Yobetit gives its players another reason to smile on a Friday

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Yobetit has long been known for being the sportsbook with lucrative rewards, from odds boosts to long-term campaigns, players are always provided with treats along the way. This time the Maltese betting company has launched a new campaign ‘Fetch Fridays’ which everyone will love and make Fridays that little bit better.

Yobetit gives its players another reason to smile on a Friday Friday rolls around and you can’t help get a smile on your face. It’s the fifth day of the week i.e. gateway to the weekend, and now the beginning of Fetch Fridays. Wake up every-single-Friday with Yobetit and ‘fetch’ a rewarding bonus to start your weekend.

Fetch Fridays

Every Friday you have the opportunity to fetch yourself a Yobetit bonus. Each deposit bonus will be different, so you’ll continue to be entertained! Fetch Fridays not only offer players a bonus, but also gives them the opportunity to claim all of Fetch Friday’s treats in the month to receive an even bigger prize – an incredible catch, ‘Fetch and Catch’.

Fetch and Catch

Claim every Fetch Friday bonus during a particular calendar month and you’ll get your Fetch & Catch prize. In order to be eligible, you will have to claim each and every Fetch Friday bonus offered during that month.

“Fetch Fridays and Fetch and Catch are campaigns we are so pleased to be offering our punters. We’ve only just begun the offers but we have already received such positive feedback, which really makes us happy as all we want is the very best for our players,” said Yobetit’s Operations Manager Andre Genovese.

Find fulfillment in Yobetit’s Fetch campaigns and never have a dull weekend again. Join, deposit, play – and enjoy the rewards today, tomorrow, and every Friday of the month.


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