Interview with Samuel Osorio, Director of Digital Marketing and Show Manager at CGS Group

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The Caribbean Gaming Show is being presented once again in the Dominican Republic, but with a new format. What is the expectation for this event?

Interview with Samuel Osorio, Director of Digital Marketing and Show Manager at CGS GroupThat’s right, after 5 years we are returning to the Dominican Republic with a new proposal referred to as DR GAMING SUMMIT; given that, after analyzing the situation we saw that we could meet the needs of the changing and dynamic Dominican market. With the support of the Directorate of Casinos Games, the Dominican Casino Association and the Association of Sporting Betting Outlets (Bancas Deportivas) and with the invaluable support of our Platinum rated sponsors: Aristocrat, Ainsworth, MicroGaming, Avigilon, Ar Management, Alarma 24 and American iGaming Solutions, we will provide a tailor suit proposal that accurately aims at being able to give the market what it expects.
Conferences will focus on issues of real concern, such as the reality of the local market, technology, trends and analysis of sports betting in the Dominican Republic and the United States after the Supreme Court lifted the restriction to freely legislate the States, in that sense. For this purpose will have speakers who are greatly endowed with experience and career related achievements. In addition, since we have always been characterized as being at the forefront of innovation in terms of industry events, this time will not be the exception to the rule. Our slogan unquestionably backs us up, “The Best Place to Network”. Educational endeavors and workshops will not be absent from our agenda. In 2019, DR Gaming Summit will become Expo with the Educational angle included. On the 14th and 15th of November, we expect to receive 300 people over the course of 2 days, catering for the expectations of Exhibitors and Associations.

The CGS Series is the novelty of your company for 2019. What differentiates them from the Caribbean Gaming Show to which we are accustomed?

The CGS Series revolutionizes the events we have done in the almost 20 years of experience behind us in the gaming industry in Latin America. We have received the concern of manufacturers interested in visiting with a lighter format offered without withdrawing professionalism, in terms of the major gaming jurisdictions in the Caribbean region. Through our knowledge of the state of the industry, and by analyzing the changes in their market behavior and we are able to deliver timely, focused information via the Ad Hoc speakers; because they are personalities in the industry globally. It is a new format but in different markets. A series of activities that are repeated in various international capitals, the difference lies in the content thereof. At times, Conferences and Education, on other occasions, Product Analysis and Presentations, Activations, and finally, spicing it up is no stranger. Strengthening ties, it is like reinforcing business relations.

So what is the future of DR Gaming Summit in the Dominican Republic?

DR Gaming Summit is a new product of CGS Group and it seeks to continue the work and legacy that has characterized us until today; innovating with revolutionary Proposals and catering for the changes, in order to address the needs of each market in which we develop our products.
The future of the CGS Group is revolutionizing the way in which events unfold in the industry thus far. Not only will we be in the Dominican Republic, and also in 2019 we will also develop Events in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico City, Cancun, Puerto Rico and Panama; all this under the seal of the CGS Series. Finally, the CGS The Tour will be discussed later on in a press release.

Sounds pretty ambitious, What support is in place to deliver on all of these plans?

The CGS Group has been delivering on this legacy, which now spans a total of 15 years, since our first Gaming Show in Lima, Peru (2003) characterized by having the support of Regulators, Laboratories, Associations, Manufacturers And Operators. That has not changed. On the contrary, we have been increasing our strategic partner ties many times over and this time will be no exception. For the DR Gaming Summit we have the full support of the government of the Dominican Republic, and the major Gaming Associations in the country, all of whom will be present at the Renaissance Jaragua during this upcoming 14th and 15th of November. In the same way, we will have this kind of support in each one of the countries in which we unfold our Summits.
Finally I do invite everyone to visit the Dominican Republic next November and in 2019 we will start our calendar in January at Mexico City, later to follow Cancun, Panama City, San Jose de Costa Rica and San Juan de Puerto.


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