Gamanza signs ScandiBet for gamification programme

Gamanza Signs ScandiBet for Gamification Programme

Points means prizes with Viking rewards

Malta, 4 July: The B2B iGaming specialists Gamanza is delighted to announce the launch of its gamification tool with

Gamanza Signs ScandiBet for Gamification ProgrammeCustomers that make casino and/or sportsbook bets on the ScandiBet website will gain Viking themed-reward points, called Viking Coins, that can then be exchanged for a selection of bonuses, free spins and free bets or can be exchanged for prizes such as merchandise, holidays and electronic goods in the Reward Shop.

The software is designed to enhance player lifetime values and dwell time on site.

“It is becoming more and more important for operators to create their own unique identity to attract the players and to keep them playing,” said Gamanza founder Magnus Lindberg. “We know that gamification is really important to some players and Gamanza’s gamification software opens up an exciting route to increased loyalty and customer satisfaction.”

Operators can use the data from player activity on their site and translate them to points, token or credits and levels of achievement. Also, Tournaments, Magnifiers and Daily Challenges are important modules and each programme is configurable by the operator to suit their own needs.

Rewards time

The plug -and-play application went live with ScandiBet in June. “We’re really happy to be working with Gamanza on this project,” said Erik Gilstring from ScandiBet. “Over the last few days we have received a lot of positive feedback, many customers seem curious and are asking about our new progression bar and reward shop. We have already seen good activity on the rewards platform and we are sure this will prove popular with our players.”

The gamification application works in tandem with Gamanza’s proprietary bonus engine, an application that can be deployed as a standalone or can work with an operator’s existing bonus systems.

Lindberg said he was delighted to see his company’s gamification tools being deployed with ScandiBet. “We are finding out what really appeals to the players and which rewards are the most efficient at encouraging greater levels of play and more regular visits. Gamification isn’t a once-only deployment; the beauty of the products is that it allows the operator to get to know their players habits better and tailor their offering to give them even greater enjoyment.”


Magnus Lindberg, founder and chief executive

Email: [email protected]

About Gamanza

Gamanza is a 360° iGaming Solution Provider bringing together games, lottery and social/real money betting products onto one single platform that also provides gamification, a bonus engine and payments provision. The Gamification Application is a framework as plug-and-play or API solution that help build game-player loyalty and is closely integrated with Gamanza’s Bonus/Reward Engine. The games portfolio gives access to many engaging games designed to enhance player lifetime values. Gamanza is also the founder of two new exciting concepts, which are going to be launched later in 2018: Spin Battle™ for multi-player slots and Tour de Bet™, which is a global Betting Tournament Network.