Female poker player to disguise herself as a man at WSOP ME in book promotion

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A female poker player who has been in the game for over a decade plans to disguise herself as a man and compete in the World Series of Poker Main Event in a bid to show that gender bias is still a problem within poker.

Female poker player to disguise herself as a man at WSOP ME in book promotionHaving a baby sucks balls. Cleaning the birth pool is not for the fainthearted. There is the lack of any form of sexual contact. But the ultimate piss-take for me is the inability to go to the cinema.

I’ve been waiting to watch Black Panther for over a month. My wife insisted on seeing it with me but given we don’t want anyone to babysit (I’ve seen the TV shows) it was never going to happen. Last night we went separately. It wasn’t worth the wait.

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There are many reasons our cerebellum pumps out an automated response to an external event. When it comes to gender bias, we need more exposure to a new way of thinking.

Wonder Woman.

Black Panther.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Female Poker Player to Appear in WSOP Main Event as a Man 

An unnamed professional poker player, known only by her pen name Sia Layta, has told CardPlayer magazine of her intention to dress as a man and compete in the $10,000 WSOP Main Event.

Layta, who has played professionally along the West Coast for more than a decade, plans to show the general public that gender bias still exists within poker, and she is choosing the most iconic poker tournament in the world to do so. 

The upcoming book is called Black Widow Poker, and Layta told CardPlayer magazine that she intends to take off her disguise if it becomes apparent that she will make money.

In the same article, WSOP’s Seth Palansky strongly suggests that Layta finds a different tournament for her pet project, reminding her of a stipulation that could end up with her disqualification and loss of buy-in.

The new ruling that effectively bans a player who intentionally tries to hide their true identity came into effect after Phil Laak competed in the 2008 WSOP Main Event disguised as an old man.

Layta wants to prove “how sexism and gender bias in the poker world hurts female participation.”

I think the WSOP should take a chill pill on this one. It’s an interesting story. There is no malicious intent, and it will provide them with some exposure, but maybe, it’s not the kind of exposure they want.

No female poker player has ever won the WSOP Main Event.


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