Spanish basketball star Fernando San Emeterio joins Globatalent

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Spanish-born Liga ACB star and Valencia Basket guard-forward Fernando San Emeterio has joined Globatalent, a global initiative giving talented prospective athletes and clubs the chance to obtain financial backing through a fairer and more reasonable funding process.

Spanish Basketball Star Fernando San Emeterio Joins GlobatalentSince beginning professional basketball with CB Valladolid in 2001, Fernando San Emeterio has enjoyed a decorated career, winning multiple awards for both club and country.  Notably, he is one of only five Spanish players to ever win the Most Valuable Player award within Spain’s top-tier professional basketball division.

Currently competing in Europe’s elite basketball leagues, Fernando San Emeterio has a desire to give back to an industry which has given him so much over his career.

Due to his understanding of the fiascos that surround funding in sport and its harmful effects on career progression for talented individuals and clubs, Fernando San Emeterio has decided to invest his support in the Globatalent platform.

Based in Spain and supported globally by a group of experienced sports industry and blockchain technology professionals, Globatalent is co-founded by CEO Sunil Bhardwaj and sports and business developer Ferrán Martínez.  Informed by their own unique experiences within the industry, each of the co-founders has established a passion to disrupt, revolutionise and increase the transparency of funding across sport.

As an answer to financial difficulties preventing both players and clubs from realising their true potential, the co-founders at Globatalent have developed a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, giving players and clubs the opportunity to fund themselves by giving a percentage of their future revenue rights to fans and token holders.

This way, financial control is taken away from sports agents and is given to fans who are already emotionally invested in their favourite clubs and players.  What’s more, fans will not only benefit from becoming more intimately engaged with their sporting heroes and teams, but also receive tokenised rewards.

Athletes will also benefit from the initiative.  Previously not possible in a centralized structure, the Globatalent platform gives sports players greater power over the amount of their future revenue rights they are willing to exchange in return for funding.

Speaking about his support for the Globtalent platform, Fernando San Emeterio said, “During my career I have been extremely fortunate to play in Europe’s top-tier basketball leagues, competing against incredibly talented players and teams.  These experiences have been truly life-changing, and it worries me to think that worthy and talented athletes are missing out because of financial burdens.

“This is why reducing the control of third-party sources of funding, such as agents is extremely important to me.  By investing my support into Globatalent, I will become a part of a platform that is revolutionising financial fair-play in the industry and helping diversify the talent which enters the professional arena.”

The platform covers a vast array of sports including soccer, basketball, American football, golf, handball, cricket and many more.  Currently, Globatalent has two major clubs that will use the platform including Spain’s leading female handball team and the La Liga outfit, Levante UD.

For more information please visit the Globatalent website.
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Sunil Bhardwaj is available for interview. For further information on Globatalent please contact:

For further information please contact Dom Hogan on, [email protected] or George Murdoch on, [email protected] or Tina Fotherby on, [email protected] or call +44 (0)333 344 2341.

About Globatalent:

Co-founded by CEO Sunil Bhardwaj, Globatalent is a blockchain-based platform where sports clubs and players can fund themselves by selling a percentage of their future revenue rights to fans.

Sunil Bhardwaj is supported by former professional basketball player and now co-founders of Globatalent, Ferrán Martínez. They are both successful sportsmen, entrepreneurs and investors, who also share a passion for the technological advances that will result from the blockchain.

In the future, thanks to Globatalent, talented sporting individuals will be free of financial concern when progressing into their professional careers, while clubs have the economic freedom to allow these people to develop and flourish.

Developed by a number of experienced professionals both in the sports and blockchain industries, the Globatalent platform facilitates strong and genuine relationships between fans, sports stars and clubs, reducing the need for third party intervention, such as agents.

Subsequently, fans and Globatalent token holders will have a greater impact on their favourite sports, bringing those who care most, closer to their clubs and players.

Rooted in the co-founders’ passion to disrupt the industry, Globatalent is designed to decentralize and eliminate financial exclusivity in sport.  Having realised the detrimental effects of the centralised market, Sunil Bhardwaj and his team are dedicated to guaranteeing the fairness of funding in sport.

Globatalent has received an excellent response from professional sports players, gaining support from elite athletes.  One of which is ex-professional basketball player and former vice-president of the NBA players association, Maurice Evans, who is undertaking the role of sports advisor and ambassador.

Also investing his support in the platform is Former professional basketball player and Olympic silver medallist, Fernando San Emeterio.  Commencing his professional career with Valladolid in 2001, Fernando San Emeterio understands the difficulties young talent face when progressing into their professional careers.

Globatalent will also use an element of revenue to fund grassroots sport. What’s more, the recipients will be voted for by the Globatalent token holder community.

The initiative will be involved in a vast array of sports including soccer, American football, basketball, tennis, motorsport, hockey, baseball, golf, gym and athletics.

With the sports rights industry worth $100 billion per year, Globatalent is a welcoming initiative to reduce the unfair distribution of funds in a business sector known for its drive and passion.



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