Bumbet to sponsor Miss BumBum 2017

Bumbet to sponsor Miss BumBum 2017

Bumbet to sponsor Miss BumBum 2017Most press releases about a new sponsorship talk about the synergy between the event or team and the company stumping up the cash but this really is a hand in glove fit. The deal between Brazilian online betting firm Bumbet and the Miss BumBum competition, where the hunt is on to find Brazil’s best behind, is the biggest in the competition’s 6 year history.

Cacau Oliver, journalist and sposman for the Miss BumBum competition commented: “This was a very easy decision for us to team up with the Copa Sudamericana and Copa do Brasil sponsor Bumbet and so it will be the first year we’ll have odds on the event too.”

Representative for Bumbet added: “We just had to do this one didn’t we? It’s great to be on board and hope to bring an added dimension to the competition and its global audience. How we will make the odds on the event, I have no idea, but our trading team will be doing very extensive research into every competitor!”

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About the competition:

Miss BumBum contest is a Brazilian annual pageant show which aims to find the best behind in the country. Created by journalist and entrepreneur Cacau Oliver the competition has 27 contestants who represent the country’s different states. The winner will be announced at the competition’s final, scheduled for November 6, in São Paulo. In addition to the title, she becomes an instant celebrity in Brazil and appears on magazine covers from all over the world. The current winner is Erika Canela.