appScatter and Abilott announce a strategic partnership

appScatter and Abilott announce a strategic partnership

appScatter and Abilott Announce a Strategic Partnership to Deliver App Intelligence, Competitor Insights, ASO Tools and an Increase in App Downloads for Next Generation Gambling and Gaming

The strategic partnership formed to support co-innovation. The first area of focus is the ‘Gambling and Gaming applications’; a new approach to app downloads, user acquisition, and app analytics.

appScatter, a leading app management and app insight tool, and Abilott, a Governance, Compliance, IT Security leader, today announced a new strategic partnership. The partnership will combine appScatter’s app management and analytics portal with Abilott’s position in the Gambling and Gaming sector; to deliver a tried and tested portal for all mobile applications in the Gambling and Gaming industry.

Together appScatter and Abilott are co-innovating around the user retention, app downloads, ASO and app analytical issues that face gaming app developers and big names in the gambling sector. In the gambling sector, compliance is a requirement and, ‘stopping when the fun stops’, is a must; monitoring user behaviour is essential.

The first co-innovation focus area will be the free ‘Three Month Trial’, for all in the gambling and gaming sector; Abilott wants to demonstrate how compliance gets maintained while still working towards increasing revenue in this challenging industry. The Three Month Trial will show how information can be leveraged within the business, moving away from a small coverage that does not necessarily demonstrate where revenue can come from, where issues may lie and which of the top 50 app stores are worth the ongoing engagement.

appScatter and Abilott announce a strategic partnershipThose in the Gambling and Gaming sector with applications, along with indie app developers without a large company backing them, can create their personal perspectives on all presented data. User acquisition, app store ranking for each of the 50 stores, geographic coverage, insights into tomorrow’s trends, competitor analysis and more, all from ‘under one roof’ and from within their business.

The result will provide factual data indicating where the ROI comes from, where compliance issues could lie and where user retention often gets threatened. Areas for improvement will need to be implemented based on the data collected from the Abilott platform that appScatter have provided. Everything will be in real time with insights that easily integrate into processes.

Ian Beauchamp, Managing Director, Abilott, commented “Gambling Compliance rules are enforced daily, thanks to regulators such as the UKGC; so, we are very excited to be able to manage the mobile applications in the Gambling and Gaming sector. This partnership benefits our current clients; they will reach more app users, increase app downloads, reduce the time required to update applications, maintain brand consistency, handle legal threats, remain compliant and, still continue to grow their business.

For gambling companies with multiple gaming applications on their store, having the ability to reach a wider market and manage everything on their own dedicated Abilott portal, will be very desirable indeed.

For our clients in the Financial sector we can already see how useful the platform will be for staying ahead of the market demands and trends.

Looking at the start-ups that we are continually engaging with, we see appScatter as essential to proving traction, increasing downloads and reaching a wider audience.

For those considering geographic jurisdictions for their gambling application, compliance will be the main issue. We can already see how we can resolve many of the current issues facing this sector, thanks to this new partnership.”

“We are very pleased to form a strategic collaboration with Abilott. By combining appScatter’s portal, our insights, worldwide app store tracking, with Abilott’s current position in their sector, we can define exciting new opportunities for this digitally led movement,” said Philip Marcella, CEO, appScatter.

appScatter and Abilott are working together to establish a dedicated Abilott Mobile Application Portal, within appScatter’s environment. The portal will monitor 250 regions and 50 mobile app stores. The portal can already provide insights into 3.2 million applications; increasing this by 2500 per day.

A team from Abilott will be working onsite with appScatter in the London Offices to enable close cooperation and continued support.

About appScatter
There are more than two app stores; appScatter track, monitor and distribute to the top 50, covering 250 regions. appScatter is one of the world’s most up to date on app insights, trends and analytics.

Unlike their competitors who only focus on Apple and Google in the US and UK, appScatter the top 50 stores including Tencent, Yandex.Store, Amazon, Opera, Samsung, Aptoide, GetJar, etc.

appScatter are delivering metrics in real-time, in-depth competitor analysis, top ASO tools, app analytics, insights into tomorrow and distribution to the top 50 stores.

appScatter are a genuine multicultural, international organisation with its way of working, partnering and collaborating.

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About Abilott
Established in 2007, Abilott has a desirable reputation in the Gambling and Gaming sector. Abilott has worked with the biggest names in the industry to ensure that they are compliant and socially responsibility.

Abilott has a digital marketing team, a software development team and a Compliance and Security team.

Recently Abilott has partnered with international gaming startups. Abilott has released gaming applications catering for new markets in the industry.

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