Aladdin’s Lamp and Pirate Cave: The new addition to the InBet Games’ portfolio


Slots are at the heart of every gaming hall, either physical or online. Every spin of colorful reels fascinates and thrills the player, keeping them enchanted until they reach either the bottom of their wallet or the magical pot of gold. In order to keep the sorcery alive, here at InBet Games we relentlessly refine both the exterior and the mechanics of our slots in order to make them even more engaging.

Aladdin’s Lamp and Pirate Cave: the new addition to the InBet Games’ portfolioWith HTML5 responsiveness, HD graphics and high quality animations, our slots are the new incarnation of the classic format. Each game is equipped with a mobile optimization engine, tasked to adjust screen resolution and optimize the gaming process for better mobile performance. This ensures players’ engagement and keeps the batteries of their gadgets alive for a longer time.

The extensive pool of InBet slots has recently seen new entries, and we are delighted to announce the arrival of two fresh games: Aladdin’s Lamp and Pirate Cave.

Aladdin’s story is the one that have inspired countless generations of adventurers and gamblers: a peasant-turned-royalty, he played big and risked everything in his quest for love. Authentic design of the interface combined with smart gameplay will immerse the gambler in the world of the Medieval Middle Eastern treasure hunters. One feature that reviewers have praised specifically is the fun execution of the double or nothing option: squeezed between a street vender and a clammy guard, you will have to pick one of the hidden cards and hope it is of a higher value than the one exposed by the vender.

Pirate Cave takes you on a different yet equally lucrative treasure-hunting adventure. The spin of its five reels will open up the treasures hidden by corsairs and filibusters. Players will discover multiple treasure chests as they try their luck in base games, wilds, bonus games, or a super bonus game. Nine paylines grant budgeting flexibility, while the maximum jackpot is set at the astounding 500 000 coins.

The new entries add up to more than 90 classic slots already on offer by InBet Games. Together they constitute our hosted application Happy 🙂 ™, which allows for smoothly integrating new iGaming software with the one already in use. Explore the full range of our web-based products at


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