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In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Mark McKeown of Betsoft Gaming why entertainment is an important component in making a great online casino game.

It has always been a challenge for game developer to come up with an offering that will be enjoyed by every generation. Decades ago, players were contented with just pushing buttons of slot machines and wait for the outcome if they won or not.

But that’s not the case of today’s players. Most players are now looking for a game that they can connect with. Hence, the games that have great storylines and are visually enticing are usually the most successful ones.

Mark McKeown of BetSoft Gaming pointed out that entertainment is a very important component in an online casino game.

This is true with their offering Slotfather 2, which brings back the eponymous crime boss and his gang of underlings.

Instead of focusing on creating simple slots games, McKeown said that they invested on showcasing smooth and gorgeously rendered cinematics.

“We believe entertainment is very important component. We know that there are other players who wanted to get on, win or lose, and play. So, we allow them to do that,” McKeown told “We found that many of our player base really like the story we tell in the game, and the characters. They love the graphics and those components. I think there’s no other example than the slot father 2 which has recently come out.”

In Slotfather 2, McKeown pointed out that they have now employed the most state-of-the-art technology compared to the original title. The game size of Slotfather 2, according to McKeown, is also 90 percent reduced while retaining a better quality of the graphics.

McKeown said that they employ testing and user testing to ensure that it will be safe the operators and gamers to use these kinds of games.

“We both employ both developer testing and user testing. We test the game for millions of rounds to ensure its safeness and credibility. We know trust for operators is everything, we have to deliver that and we do deliver that,” he said. “We strive to have long player sessions from the game. So, we want to have a fun factor and an entertainment component to the game.”