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Kiev Cybersport Arena is a major asset to the whole e-sport community. This is one of the most important venues when it comes to hosting the biggest e-sport competitions. In this article, Valentyn Kyrylenko, Director of Business Development and Sales of BetInvest, one the industry leading providers of technology solutions, explains why Kiev Cybersport Arena plays such an important role.

Kiev Cybersport ArenaKiev Cybersport Arena was opened on January 17, 2010. It situated in Kiev, Ukraine. For the moment of opening it was the largest computer club in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The overall area of Kiev Cybersport Arena is 1 500 square meters. Over 200 computers were placed there as well as stage for Lan tournaments was constructed on which 10 computers were placed: five on every side, behind it was large screen for broadcasting and in front were comfortable sofas for watching of the games.

At the day of opening of Kiev Cybersport Arena, the tournament Arbalet Arena Female Cup was held. It’s not difficult to understand from the name of the tournament that female teams took part in the championship. To be more precise, it was CIS qualifications and the team named “Mousesports” achieved a victory beating “EYEsports” team with the score of 16:4. Bronze went to RoX.KIS and the fourth place went to inGame.  These teams gained the opportunity to participate at the final tournament.

Since 9 till 11 of April 2010 exhibition tournament Arbalet Cup Best of Four with the prize pool 22,500$ was held at Kiev Cybersport Arena.  Such teams as Natus Vincere, SK Gaming, Fnatic, UNiTED took part at the tournament. All teams played on cycle scheme bo5. The status of strongest team was gained by Na`Vi team.

Till 2012 at Kiev Cybersport Arena hosted a lot of tournaments of ASUS series, namely ASUS Cup Summer 2010, ASUS CUP Autumn 2010, ASUS Cup Winter 2011 and ASUS Cup Spring 2011. Also, between the tournaments there was an announcement that Kiev Cybersport Arena going to become the venue for conducting IEM Europe Finals, which earlier was conducted only in Germany.  The championship was held 20-23 of January 2011. The general prize fund amounted to 50,000$.

Later, Dota 2 tournament (Dota2 Star Championship) was conducted at Kiev Cybersport Arena. This tournament was the first tournament represented by studio. Surprisingly, The Retry team managed to beat an absolute favorite of the tournament Natus Vincere.

The first season of Star Series, surely was held at Kiev Cybersport Arena. It was three days’ tournament dedicated to Dota 2 only. LAN final of the second season was dedicated to four games: DotA 2, World of Tanks, Point Blank, Bloodline Champions. In the fourth season Call of Duty 4: Modern Wafare was added. The LAN final of the last season of 2012 was dedicated to the following games: DotA 2, CS:GO, WoT, PB.

In the fifth season the number of games was increased to three: CS:GO, DotA 2, PB. In the sixth season “Shadow Company” had joined Kiev Cybersport Arena. In the seventh season the games were identical with fifth season. Further DotA 2 was separated from other games and CS:GO was conducted together with other games for few more seasons.

Besides, governance of Kiev Cybersport Arena in collaboration with StarLadder organized nine seasons of “Battle of the Universities” and ten seasons of “Battle of the Schools”. Also, there were a lot of LAN-Parties in Arena, any company was able to register and take part in such non pro level tournament.  In most cases such tournaments were dedicated to Dota 2.

The last big tournament conducted at Kiev Cybersport Arena was StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 1 dedicated to Dota 2. Besides big tournaments, several students tournaments dedicated to DotA 2 and CS:GO were held.

Kiev Cybersport Arena is also the headquarter of company.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. If you or your company is interested in e-sport specific products like online gaming platforms, datafeed or even some information of e-sport trends, please feel free to contact Valentyn Kyrylenko, skype: valentyn.kyrylenko


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