Pokerstars announce VIP club changes without the why?

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PokerStars has sent an email to their customers advising them of the intention to change the current VIP Club Program sometime in 2017 without an explanation as to why?

Pokerstars announce VIP club changes without the why?PokerStars has sent an email to their members updating them on proposed changes to their VIP Club program beginning in 2017.

It’s a short and sparse email that omits a critical word.


It’s no secret that since PokerStars have become a public company, the quality of their communication with their professional poker-playing customers has deteriorated to the point of almost worthlessness. I stress the word ‘professional’ because if you are a member of PokerStars largest contingent of clients – recreational players – you probably haven’t noticed a change.

I use the word ‘worthlessness’ because unless PokerStars are hosting SCOOP or WCOOP, there doesn’t seem to be too much of the two-way dialogue that to me merits the use of the word ‘communication.’ Instead, what we are witnessing are the Majors in Amaya issuing orders to cut costs to the Brigadier Generals of PokerStars without the luxury of an explanation as to why?

Here is a copy of the email.

In a blog post earlier this year, we announced that in 2017 (date still to be determined), we will launch a new and exciting rewards program that recognises your play on PokerStars, Full Tilt, PokerStars Casino and BetStars (where available).

We are committed to keeping you updated as the details are finalized, and want to share with you what we can, when we can. In that spirit, here’s the latest:

VIP Club Changes

The current VIP Club program will remain in effect until the launch of the new program, and rewards will be unchanged on January 1, 2017, for monthly status players. Supernova will become a monthly status, and will offer 28% in rewards. Here’s an overview of next year’s VIP Club changes:

• Monthly VIP status rewards and requirements will remain unchanged

• Supernova VIPs will earn 28% in rewards

• Players who achieve Supernova status in 2016 will retain Supernova status until the launch of the new rewards program in 2017

• For players who don’t achieve Supernova status this year, Supernova will have a monthly status requirement of 10,000 VPPs

• When the new program launches, existing VIP statuses will be replaced by the program’s new reward mechanisms

• An announcement of the new rewards program launch date will be made at least two months in advance

• Effective July 1, 2017, StarsCoin balances will expire for players who have been inactive on all Stars platforms (PokerStars, Full Tilt, PokerStars Casino, BetStars) over a 6-month rolling period

What’s next?

Expect our next update to include more details regarding the new loyalty program, including how it will work and the timing of the launch.

It seems to me like Stars sent this email after a conversation that went something like this.

Major in Amaya: “Right, the next time you cut costs you had better make sure that you give them advance notice without giving them advance notice. I don’t want that criticism levelled at us again.”

Brigadier General in PokerStars: “How do we do that?”

Major in Amaya: “Not my problem, but you had better not tell them the real reasons why we are making these changes.”

So what do we know?

We know that Supernova players will be pissed to learn that the maintenance of the once elite status will be decided on a monthly basis.


PokerStars don’t tell us, but Jason Glatzer at PokerNews points out that it now makes those players work even harder to attain the points they need to maintain their status, so you have to guess that it’s another cost grab.

What is new and exciting about that?

We don’t know when the new launch date will be, but players will get two months notice of the implementation date.

Why don’t we know what the date is?

Effective July 1, 2017, StarsCoin balances will expire if, like me, you haven’t opened your account in six months.


Look Stars; I know you need to cut your cloth accordingly. I can’t criticise you for that. But explain why you are making your decisions. You aren’t obliged to do so, but your success was built on a communication system that would have viewed an explanation as the norm.

You still have professional poker players playing on your site.

I know you can’t see them because they are like grains of sand amongst the shores full of recreational players but I can assure you they are there.

Treat them with more respect.


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