Poker Night in America to debut in the UK on Front Runner

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em>Poker Night in America will debut on UK TV for the first time this month after joining the World Poker Tour on the UK’s only free-to-view dedicated sports channel.

In 2013, Sky TV lost the rights to air UEFA Champions League matches to BT.

How did they react?

They increased the monthly subscription.

The move put me in a sticky situation. Sky was obviously out of the question, but I wasn’t going to pay BT a penny because they treat their customers like Donald Trump is likely to treat any woman wearing a veil during his trips around the not so United States of America.

Poker Night in America to Debut in the UK on Front RunnerI left them both.

Now I go to the pub, order a cup of tea, and hope and pray a drunken idiot doesn’t take a liking to me and start talking about the price of a can of corned beef while I try and digest the game.

Maybe one day it will all change, and we can watch football for free just like the good old days?

Front Runner Are The Front Runner

Alright, I know television’s new kid on the block Front Runner is hardly going to win the Champions League coverage and then air it for free, but they have emerged as the only dedicated sports channel in the UK that you can watch without putting your hand in your pocket.

Until recently, this hasn’t been much use, unless you are into skateboarding, snowboarding, water sports, motocross and professional fighting, but they pulled out a game changer when they launched coverage of the World Poker Tour (WPT) a few weeks back.

During the press coverage surrounding the arrival of Mike Sexton, Lynn Gilmartin and the Royal Flush Girls Front Runner promised even more top notch poker coverage for free, and they haven’t wasted any time at all adding to the bill.

Poker Night in America Comes to the UK

For the first time in UK television history, Rush Street Gaming’s Poker Night in America (PNIA) will be available for poker fans, and you won’t have to pay a penny thanks to Front Runner.

The likes of Mike Matusow, Phil Laak, and Phil Hellmuth will be coming to Freeview Channel 91 starting with coverage of a cash game held at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York. Coverage begins on Thursday 17 at 9 pm and every Thursday after that.

PNIA is currently in its Fourth Season.

Front Runner are now looking at the possibility of adding live sporting events to the channel in the very near future.


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