LCB Cashback Program with Slotland and WinADay Awards $200,000

As many already know, four years ago, a fabulous bonus became accessible to Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) members, via a collaborations with WinADay, and Slotland Casinos, known as the Cashback Program. The deal has enabled players at either US-friendly casino to receive $50 cashback on all deposits amounting to a minimum of $250.

LCB Cashback Program with Slotland and WinADay Awards $200,000Now, four years later, a massive, $200,000 has been awarded ( ) to participating players. LCB moderator, who has been in charge of managing the promotional offer since its conception, Blueday, is stoked about the turnout, exclaiming, “$200,000 has made its way back into your pockets.”

Blueday continued, “Slotland and Winaday have been giving away $50 cashbacks exclusively to LCB members since August 2012. Players post their deposits and are awarded with a $50 cashback for every $250 deposited. 20% of every deposit goes back in their account. Members’ children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have been born and celebrated in the lifetime of this cashback offer!”

Also commenting on the matter is Michael Hilary, manager of both WinADay and Slotland: “It’s been great working with Blue over the years. It can be a big job going through all the forum posts and letting us know who to give cash back to.  She’s a total sweetheart!”

Slotland has been delivering excitement to customers since 1998. More specifically, it’s equipped with slots, table games, video poker, and much more, including desktop and mobile-friendly options, while staying on top of customer concerns by offering 24/7 support.

Launched in 2007, Win A Day provides an instant play platform, allowing players to engage in a wide range of casino games, impressive jackpots, ample bonuses, and frequent tournaments.

While the Cashback Program among LCB and the two casinos has been ongoing for the last four years, and has awarded $200,000 back to players, it shows no signs of coming to an end, and seeks to increase its current number.

Ava Jackuard 

LBB/LCB Global Moderator/Land Based Casino Mgr. 

Skype: ava.ljubavi