SBC & Totally Gaming Academy Summer Social Highlights

Online gambling industry professionals gathered in London on Thursday, August 18th at the Jam Tree for a Summer Social hosted by Sports Betting Community (SBC) and Totally Gaming Academy.  Guests were treated to complimentary drinks and food throughout the night while they enjoyed the perfect venue for hours of networking with new and old friends.

The social also served as a vehicle to raise awareness of SBC’s upcoming Betting on Sports Conference and Totally Gaming Academy’s upcoming Sports Betting Academy taking place September 15-16 and September 20-22, respectively.

Subtle indicators of both events were placed throughout the venue and after taking a scan of Facebook the morning after, industry professionals who were unable to attend are now aware of both events and can see the fun they missed on the night.

The purpose of having everybody here is because we want to alert them to our upcoming conference next month which is called Betting on Sports, which is going to be an absolutely huge event consisting of over 600 people as well as 80 operators who are going to be present”, SBC’s Conall McCabe told

Now we want to alert suppliers, payment guys, regulators, affiliates, sports clubs and everyone with any vested interest in the sports betting market in terms of being able to hook them up and connect them with tier one and tier two operators in this industry”, he said.

Tom Galanis of Tag Media shared with, “This year Betting on Sports are introducing an affiliate element to it, ‘Betting on Sports Affiliates’ and the idea is to get together about thirty or so high end, premium sports betting affiliates who occasionally don’t have the focus they need on the conferences that exist at the moment.  Bringing them together with five or six generally start-up to one year established operators, providing a bit of a melting pot where they can network, learn, discuss key industry issues affecting sports betting affiliates”.

Jonathan Smith of the Sports Betting Academy provided demos to guests at the Jam Tree, illustrating what type of information will be revealed during the academy.

I think that the gaming academy itself is about empowering professionals with knowledge, getting students, middle management, C-level people to understand about uncertainty in sports betting, both from first principals and in the modern era as well. Obviously they take information, prices, content from third party providers, they do want to know where it comes from and why the prices are as they are and I’m the person who lets them know exactly that”, Smith told

Lee Richardson of Gaming Economics will be moderating a session on horse racing at the Betting on Sports Conference and he sees great value in holding socials such as this one.

I think this is a really good event ahead of the conference in just a few weeks.  There’s a really busy schedule for those two days of the conference, I’ve been talking today to people, fellow speakers, we don’t necessarily agree on certain things and its good to get that out before the conference”, Richardson shared.

I think its an excellent idea and you can see from the people that are here that it works for everyone”, he added.