Elevator Pitch – Sportito

Sportito Pitch

In this one-minute elevator pitch with CalvinAyre.com, Riccardo Mittiga of Sportito discusses the importance of making it easier for new players to bet online.

Sports betting on mobile devices is supposedly one of the easiest things a player can do, but that’s not the case most of the time. Sounds confusing? Well, technology tends to contradict itself at times. The mobile apps available today, whether web-based or downloadable, are easier to use because they are more streamlined and have simplified formatting. What makes it complicated—especially for a first time player—is the processing of choosing which app to use from a wide variety of options and different formats. So what’s a player and operator got to do? For one, find a platform with high level security protocols that will not compromise the client’s personal data. One example is Sportito, a daily fantasy sports platform that offers daily games for real money using a higher frequency model. “Sportito is a daily fantasy sports that we offer in Europe. We started with daily fantasy sports as part of company in Europe. We are focused on different sports, not only football but also basketball, tennis rugby and cricket. We offer the ability to players to win cash every day and in every moment, so we keep the engagement high and the thrill all over the day and all over the season,” Riccardo Mittiga, of Sportito, told CalvinAyre.com during the iGaming Entrepreneur Conference last November. Sportito is available on desktop and mobile devices, allowing its users to play anywhere and everywhere. With no season-long commitment, players are free to choose when they want and how they want to play. “Sportito has also the ability to customize the tournaments so players can decide which game they can enter and where they can win and where they have their own expertise. This is the flexibility of Sportito that helps us to grow in the European market which is a tough market, regulated market,” Mittiga said. Are you an iGaming entrepreneur or company looking for an investment? Submit your ideas to CalvinAyre.com Ventures.